"You'll Own Everything. And You'll Be Happy."

How to protect your wealth & income so that people feel stupid trying to take it.

Inside, you’ll learn:
  • What made a "sleeper" US city with 180,000 residents the safest place in the world to shield assets?
  • “The dirty little secret” the legal system hopes you never learn about ironclad wealth protection!
By Dr. Johnson
Feb 1st 2023

Dear reader, 

If an ordinary person puts money in the bank, the government taxes what small interest it earns, but the rest belongs to you, right? 

Not so fast.

Even though most people believe they will have their money, 70% of families lose their wealth and more than HALF of US physicians get targeted by malpractice suits. 

Aside from that, a new threat is emerging in 2023. The influx of frivolous claims filed by “AI.”

There is currently no clear answer as to whether artificial intelligence can file a lien on financial accounts, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to even tell.

To be sure, the cost of defending your money is high even for those with six-figure incomes.

Keep in mind, if the national debt increases irresponsibly, bank accounts could also be "bailed-in," like they have in parts of the EU previously.

And, a bail-in is not a voluntary measure! You likely won't have any fair warning.

In the simplest terms, a bail-in is pure asset confiscation.

And if you are thinking individual assets can't be confiscated in America, think again.

There's a little known provision in the 8,843 pages of the "Dodd-Frank Act" that lets banks do just that.

It's now possible for your money to be used to fund the survival of your bank without your knowledge or approval.

Bank bail-ins are now legal in the United States.

You might be feeling anxious right now because of all the uncertainty surrounding who might get their hand on your most valuable stuff.

Like you, I felt the same until I met my Rich Mentor.

In my life, I've had many mentors, but only my Rich Mentor taught me how to create and preserve money.

After all, he's a man who advised Harvard's wealthy families for 25 years and has been referred to as a wizard of wealth. 

He told me the world's rich are flocking to a small 'fly over' state in the US, calling it the safest place to stash their spare change.

How much spare change? 

As of the time of this letter, it had grown to over $350 billion dollars and counting. 

…And, the word is getting out fast. 

However, I must warn you up front that I did not invent these wealth protection methods. 

I received them all from my Rich Mentor. 

It's likely you think of people like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk when you hear the term "asset protection." 

In today’s uncertain world there are a lot of “normal people,” protecting their hard earned money, not just the wealthy.

The list includes retail investors, ex-spouses, entrepreneurs, and even physicians.

The biggest misconception is believing that only wealthy families and people in high-risk professions need to protect their money.

Here's why,

Our modern financial system moves money where it is treated well, but wealth laws remain localized.

Over the past decade, hundreds of billions of dollars have poured out of traditional asset safety jurisdictions, such as Switzerland, into a small plains state in the heartland considered bulletproof.

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My rich mentor taught me the common myths that 99% of people won’t understand. 

MYTH #1: “Protecting assets is only for the wealthy.”
Whether you have $5,000 dollars or $5 million, it all counts. You worked hard for it, don’t you deserve to sleep well at night knowing it's safe?

MYTH #2: “My income or wealth is not at risk.”
The problem with the legal system is that anyone can sue you without any need to prove that you did anything wrong. Ai bots that place a claim on your account may become your future enemy as artificial intelligence advances. 

MYTH #3: “My Government will protect me.”
Over 28 western countries in the EU have implemented a 'bail-in' mechanism to shift their bank liabilities to depositors. Due to the US's $30 trillion dollar deficit, many professionals worry about a possible bail-in scenario where depositors are liable for the bank's unfunded liabilities. 

It would be a tragedy if these scenarios and hundreds more like them ever occurred, 

Even so, there is a real possibility that every person you know can lose their finances at some point in their lives, due to an unforeseen car accident, lien, medical emergency, lawsuit, or business dispute. 

This could result in a judgment, which could endanger years of your most productive life earnings.

My rich mentor once told me, “a lot of coaches can help you get rich, only a few can help you STAY rich.”

He broke down the simple and timeless way to build your wealth in 5 simple steps.
Step 1: Earn income through your career or side hustles.
Self-made wealth can't be built without income. The higher the income, the greater the potential for asset growth. It's not necessary to earn a large salary to become financially independent or retire early, but it will take longer to accumulate wealth. That’s okay. This is a process, not a race. 

Step 2: Create a 6+ month emergency fund.
Building an emergency fund should come before investing. Start an emergency fund today if you don't have one. You can start small. Try to save as much as you can. Now is the time to work on building it. 

Step 3: Start investing in appreciating assets.
Wealth is built over time through investments. My rich mentor says investing always involves risk, but investing over the long haul is how most people build enough wealth to be financially free. 

Step 4: Automate savings and investing.
Automate your investments so you don't have to be disciplined. Contribute automatically to your employer's 401(k) or IRA with payroll deductions. 

Step 5: Financial independence.
Congratulations, you're there! Be careful not to let your guard down. Without asset protection, you can go right back to "Stage 1" and lose financial independence. 
Many of the largest economies in the world like to boast that their country is the best place to get rich, but this sleeper state with more than one million acres of publicly hunting land has become something else: 

The best place in the world to stay rich.

That ‘giant sucking sound’ you hear? 

It is the sound of money from all over the world rushing to the state with Mount Rushmore. 

Because it's cheap and simple, anyone with something to lose can protect it like a fortress.

The goal of effective asset protection is not hiding your money, it’s simply making it impervious to threats even if they know about it. 

Moving money out of the usual offshore secrecy havens and into the U.S. is becoming big new business. Very big

As we enter an era of profound transformation, I am determined to make you richer, smarter and happier than ever before.
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