Wynn's Epic Dining Series: Dinner for Whales

Wynn's Epic Dining Series: Dinner for Whales
Courtesy of Wynn Las Vegas

This $10,000-per-person wine dinner will feature some rare Napa vintages.

Only half of the seats at a Las Vegas wine pairing dinner will be sold this fall, with attendance limited to 20.

However, $10,000 is a bargain for wine connoisseurs waiting years to get bottles from Domain H. William Harlan, and Wynn Las Vegas enthusiasts seeking reservations at Delilah.

In an event series that has been kept under wraps until next week, Wynn and Harlan family domain will collaborate on three multi-course wine pairing dinners at the resort starting September 10. In setting few guests get to see, such as an Encore duplex suite, an expert from Harlan family domain will host the dinners and a Wynn executive chef will cook them. However, oenophiles are pushed to the top of Harlan's waiting list when they attend.

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In 1994, when Robert Parker called the Harlan Estate Cabernet Sauvignon-based blend “immortality in a glass” and “the most profound red wine in the world” and it was already produced in small quantities, Harlan wines became incredibly hard to find, even though they were already produced in small quantities. Harlan Estate, Bond, and Promontory are all wineries with waiting lists, says Harlan Estate's founder, Don Weaver. Longtime buyers can work up to purchasing the winery’s six-bottle limit per buyer over many years by purchasing specific cases at auction.

It's another thing to get into the dinners. There is no specific threshold for so-called whales, but Curtis defines them as “people who are capable of winning or losing a million dollars” without losing sleep. Half of the dinner's maximum 20 attendees will be "invited guests," which means high rollers in casino resorts.

Though these dinners might not include even the largest whales, Wynn CEO Craig Billings and the resort's executive wine director Brian Weitzman devised the dinner idea together. Billings said Wynn guests are treated personally and the goal is to get like-minded people together. “We consider their interest in fine wines as much, if not more, than their history of playing at Wynn Resorts,” he says, referring to their interest in fine wines and the people who make them.

Additionally, the dinners are expected to be extraordinary. A Krug Champagne reception will precede the first dinner, which will feature a Japanese Kobe beef tasting, one of only a few places in the country licensed to serve real Kobe, and a profusion of truffle dishes, hosted by SW Steakhouse executive chef Mark LoRusso and Amanda Harlan. Generally, Bond's dinners take place on the 18th hole of Wynn Golf Club, which you can only reach if you're willing to pay $750 for greens. The domain's managing director of winegrowing, Cory Empting, hosts the dinner in collaboration with Delilah executive chef Joshua Smith. In a location yet to be disclosed, Mizumi executive chef Min Kim and Will Harlan will host the final dinner featuring Promontory.

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