World-class restaurant tours from a Michelin-starred chef

World-class restaurant tours from a Michelin-starred chef
Courtesy of John Troxell

The culinary travel company will be launched by Kyle and Katina Connaughton of SingleThread.

At the Michelin three-star restaurant SingleThread in Healdsburg, Calif., Kyle Connaughton tells a story every night during dinner services. But that story doesn't seem enough, he says. His goal is to convey a culinary and cultural narrative to diners, but what is presented on the plate is just a glimpse.

A desire to share a deeper story about agriculture and craft led Connaughton and Katina to partner with Modern Adventure and launch Paragon, an intimate travel company that takes a select group of travelers around the world to explore regional cuisine and its culinary luminaries.

Courtesy of San Francisco Chronicle

On each unique departure with Paragon, only eight to 16 guests will be in a small group. In addition to dining in exclusive restaurants and touring cultural institutions such as fish markets, travelers will also be able to meet world-class artisans and craftspeople, and stay in luxurious and historic hotels. Tour participants will include chefs such as the Connaughtons and wine professionals such as Bobby Stuckey of Fresca Food & Wine. 

In April 2023, Kyle Connaughton will host a nine-day, eight-night SingleThread Japan trip, covering Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. Since he was a child, Japan has served as a significant part of his life.

Using their experiences in Japan, he planned an itinerary based on his “years of cultivating relationships there.” Besides dining at Michelin two-star Miyamasou, Michelin three-star Kikunoi, Michelin three-star Hyotei and Michelin two-star Den, travelers will also visit friends' restaurants during the trip.

Interested travelers should visit this week to book SingleThread Japan.

It is scheduled for the executive wine director of SingleThread, Rusty Rastello, to host Champagne, France, with Dom Perignon in May 2023. In June, Stuckey will host Friuli, Italy; in September, the Connaughtons will host Napa and Sonoma; and in October, Jorge Vallejo will host Yucatán and Mexico City, Mexico.

As part of its commitment to climate-neutral travel and certification as a B-Corp, the company will donate a portion of the proceeds to charitable causes and nonprofits. The Japan trip will raise $50,000 for scholarships to study in Japan for students at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa.

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