With Some Of America's Best Female Chefs, Resy Will Hold Intimate Dinners

With Some Of America's Best Female Chefs, Resy Will Hold Intimate Dinners
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There are a number of hosts on the show, including Stephanie Izard and Beverly Kim.

A series of intimate dinners hosted by Resy in partnership with the best women chefs in America and the UK is part of Resy's Women of Food initiative.

There are Ria Grahams from Kokomo (New York), Amy Brandweins from Centrolina (Washington, DC), Stephanie Izards from Girl & the Goat (Los Angeles), Luciana Giangrandi from Boia De (Miami), Hillary Sterlings from Ci Siamo (New York), Beverly Kims from Wherewithalls (Chicago), Selin Kiazims and Laura Christies from Oklavas (London).

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"Resy has been working to educate, raise awareness, and connect diners to women-led restaurants," the company said in a statement. "And, of course, we recognize and celebrate those that have been doing this work for years."

Women are in majority of restaurant jobs, but only 33 percent of independent restaurants are majority-owned by women, according to the National Restaurant Association. Only 30 percent of respondents to a James Beard Foundation survey were women in management positions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make up the majority of restaurant workers, but just 20 percent of head chefs.

Kim has been open about how difficult it can be to be a woman in the restaurant industry, particularly a mother. 

In last year's Rich Report interview, she said, "We need to address how hard it is for moms to raise a family in this industry." Consequently, women do not tend to be in leadership in this industry due to a systemic issue. The problem is interconnected.”

You can enjoy these chefs' delicious dishes while supporting the Resy series starting June 8 for American Express cardholders.

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