WhistlePig's new brandy-aged whiskey

WhistlePig's new brandy-aged whiskey
Courtesy of Whiskey Raiders

Be sure to get your hands on one of the only 696 bottles made of this rare liquid.

The golden age of American whiskey has brought us beyond our initial enlightenment and into a new era of romanticism.

There is no doubt that the ultra-premium American expression market proves the fact that bourbon and rye are just as nuanced, complex, and enjoyable as anything made in Scotland or Japan. As evidenced by the booming market for ultra-premium American expressions, an experimentation based on heritage credentials and old-school recipes is an ongoing process that is driven by a desire to push stylistic boundaries and seek inspiration outside the confines of the backyard.

WhistlePig, a Vermont-based rye specialist, does it as inventively and expertly as anyone else. It seems that the brand DNA is devoted to playing with form, with fine whiskies produced using a variety of finishing techniques, such as Madeira, Sauternes, Armagnac, Spanish oak, and South American teakwood casks, as well as rare Japanese Umeshu casks. All of the wines in the FarmStock line, from the tried-and-true FarmStock series, all offer a unique point of view through the glass.

A whiskey collaboration between WhistlePig and Rich Report was the perfect fit for this distiller's always-refined inventiveness, which resulted in a single barrel of rye made exclusively for us at WhistlePig's Shoreham, Vermont estate. To complement the spicy high-rye mash bill, the rye was finished in Spanish brandy casks after aging for 12 years in charred new oak barrels.

As the nose reveals a warm, fruit-heavy aroma, the palate is characterized by a wave of rye spice, followed by bright grass and rosewater flavors in the mid-palate. As a result of its 12-year aging process and its exceptionally creamy mouthfeel, the finish of the rye lasts for a long time, punctuated by bursts of freshly cracked black pepper, a taste that is worthy to be savored. There is nothing like that combination of soft, spicy aromas and long, warming heat to make for a wonderful contemplative sipper anytime of the year, but Harrison compares it to savoring a warm fire in winter, as well as relaxing by a fire in the summer.


In spite of WhistlePig's experimentation being fleeting in nature, it is still a pleasure to drink these daring, clever, and witty recordings, recorded in limited editions, until they’re gone. This is what makes these daring flashes of cleverness and wit so captivating. There will be only 696 bottles produced of the 12-year-old Bespoke Barrel Rye aged in Spanish brandy casks by WhistlePig and Robb Report Rare & Fine. Do not miss out on it.

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