Whiskey From Both Sides of the Atlantic Went Into This Transatlantic Rye

Whiskey From Both Sides of the Atlantic Went Into This Transatlantic Rye
Courtesy of FAB News‍

Whiskeys from both the United States and Great Britain were blended in a distillery in the south of England.

It makes this "transatlantic" whiskey blend further proof of the Special Relationship between the two countries since it combines liquid from America and England.

There is no doubt that Woodcutter’s Daughter Rye Whiskey is not the first blend to be made using whiskey from both countries. Silent Pool Distillers made the whiskey in Surrey Hills just south of London. High West Campfire, a blend of scotch, bourbon, and rye, and Virginia Distilling Co.'s Virginia-Highland blend of American and Scottish single malt, are recent examples. This new Silent Pool blend, however, has an interesting pedigree.

Neither side of the Atlantic has any specific name for the distillery in the US that uses rye grain. Distillation techniques vary according to location. 

Courtesy of Silent Pool Distillers

During the three-year aging process, the whiskey was aged both in new heavily charred oak barrels and French oak wine casks, imparting floral and berry notes along with vanilla and honey flavors.

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