We Can't Wait To Sip These Limited-Edition Whiskeys

We Can't Wait To Sip These Limited-Edition Whiskeys
Courtesy of Angel's Envy

Make sure your calendars are marked.

With the fall coming up, there will be a multitude of new whiskey releases, ranging from the familiar limited-edition series of the month to the unexpected special one-offs. In spite of the fact that bourbon, rye, scotch and any other type of whiskey can certainly be enjoyed all summer long, distilleries and brands know that many of us turn to brown spirits when the weather turns colder. Listed below is a list of seven hotly anticipated new whiskeys to look forward to over the coming months that include bourbons that are barrel-proof as well as a nearly three-decade-old single malt whiskey.

Old Charter Oak French Oak

Courtesy of Distiller

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, which is expected to launch in November, is a hot commodity that has not yet been revealed to bourbon fans. In the meantime, we have some information about this new release from the distillery, Old Charter Oak French Oak, which should be available in November.

There have been Mongolian, Canadian, Chinkapin, and even French oak barrels included in the Old Charter Oak series once in 2019, as they explore the effects of wood on whiskey as it matures. Buffalo Trace's flagship Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Eagle Rare both use Buffalo Trace mash bill No. 1, the same one used for this bourbon. Bourbon is infused with notes of fruit, maple syrup, and a hint of chocolate due to the tight grain of French oak, which is commonly used for cognac and wine barrels in France.

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep One

Courtesy of Wild Turkey

With a proof that aims to wake you up when you sip Wild Turkey 101 bourbon is a workhorse bourbon that is affordable and reliable. In addition to his annual high-end whiskey releases, master distiller Eddie Russell has also been putting together a series of whiskeys known as the Master’s Keep series of whiskeys for the last few years. There have been several previous entries, such as a 17-year-old, a bottled-in-bond, as well as a rye whiskey. But now the sixth release is simply called One.

In addition to being a tribute to Eddie's father, the legendary former master distiller Jimmy Russell, it is also a celebration of Eddie's own unique style of distilling. In Master’s Keep One, Jimmy's passion for bourbon aged between eight and ten years is combined with Eddie's passion for innovation. Consequently, the whiskey was made by blending eight and ten-year-old bourbon with 14-year-old bourbon and aging it in new toasted and charred oak barrels for a secondary finishing phase.


Jefferson’s OCEAN Wheated

Courtesy of Jefferson's

There is a limited release of the Jefferson's wheated bourbon this October, which is the only wheated whiskey in the Jefferson's line-up. Basically, a wheated bourbon is one where wheat is the secondary flavoring grain, instead of rye, which is usually included in the mash bill in the bourbon. As a result of this, a whiskey's flavors tend to be softer, sweeter, and more balanced. For example, Maker's Mark is heated, while Bulleit is high in rye, a whiskey with a high in rye. 

After aging for at least four years in traditional warehouses, this bourbon spends at least a year in specially constructed rickhouses on cruise ships as it travels across the oceans. While the whiskey cruises the ocean, it will encounter briny air, humidity, temperature fluctuations and stormy seas that will accelerate and augment its natural interaction with the wood. There's no denying that the whiskey resulting from this method is worth trying, but you will have to decide if it's a gimmick or not.

High West A Midwinter Night’s Dram, Act 9

Courtesy of High West Distillery

The Utah distillery High West has been gradually tinkering with the composition of its whiskeys over the past few years, using a considerable amount of its own house-distilled rye that is combined with the whiskey that it sources from MGP in order to create a unique whiskey.

Act 9 of A Midwinter Night's Dram this year is a blend of rye aged between five and six years from MGP, a rye-dominated distillery. In addition, High West distills a blend of rye aged four to nine years, primarily rye and malted rye, which is a blend of rye aged four to nine years. Rendezvous Rye was aged in French oak barrels and in ruby and tawny port barrels for one to two years in this version. The distillery's flagship Rendezvous Rye is a blend of rye and tawny port barrels. It is a blend of rye that has been aged for between one and two years in these barrels. As a result of the balance of rye spice with the rich flavours of dried fruit and syrup, this whiskey is a wonderful warm whiskey that you can enjoy throughout the colder winter months.

Angel’s Envy’s Cask Strength Bourbon

Courtesy of Angel's Envy

There is nothing more satisfying in the whiskey world than the release of Angel's Envy Cask Strength each fall, when the cask-finished bourbon is available at the Louisville distillery and around the country for purchase. A bourbon that will age for about six years before being aged in Port wine barrels for between three and six months until it is ready is the same bourbon that will be available at the Louisville distillery.

As opposed to being watered down to 43.3 percent, this expression is bottled at the proof it left in the barrel, rather than being diluted to 43.3 percent. This varies from year to year, and there are no details about what to expect in terms of the 2021 edition of Angel's Envy Cask Strength just yet. However, enthusiasts are likely to be just as excited when this tenth edition arrives in November as they have been in past years.

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