Watch designed exclusively for Mr Porter by HYT for $58,000

Watch designed exclusively for Mr Porter by HYT for $58,000
Courtesy of HYT

Men's style has been offering the brand's hydro-mechanical timepieces since September. 

Watchmakers commonly use limited editions as a way to communicate the rarity and exclusivity of their products to a discerning clientele in the watch industry. Whether a limited edition features 999 pieces or as few as 25, limited editions help watchmakers communicate the rarity of the product to discerning buyers.

There are few watches on earth that may rival the H1.0 x Mr Porter, the wristwatch that the watchmakers at HYT and their cohorts at the online luxury menswear store Mr Porter have created, one that makes HYT's annual production of around 500 timepieces seem like a veritable glut in comparison.

Courtesy of HYT

On Monday, HYT launched a new $58,000 hydro-mechanical watch for Mr Porter. It comes with a fluid-based time display and runs on a mixture of fluid technology and traditional mechanics. Like all of HYT's hydro-mechanical timepieces, it is built around a fluid-based time display. Basically, the watches use fluid stored in capillaries to indicate the passage of time.

Featuring a black DLC coating and satin finishes as well as accents of red on the dial and the side of the watch case, the 48.8 mm stainless steel model comes on a black rubber strap, with a titanium folding buckle clasp, and features Super-Luminova on the hour markers, indexes, and minute hand.

Courtesy of HYT

The watch has a domed sapphire crystal that is coated with a black liquid dye around each marker which indicates how long it has been in service. In addition to the elapsed time, each capillary is lined with a coated glass capillary. The capillaries with transparent liquid indicate a time yet to come. The point at which they meet is now. For further indications, you can look at the subdials on the face of the watch, which display minutes, running seconds, and the 65-hour power reserve.

In order to explain the intricate functionality of the H1.0 model, the Swiss company, based in Neuchâtel, has developed a very detailed user guide. Gearheads, look no further, this is for you.

The price for this watch is $58,000, you can buy it now.

Mr Porter, the popular online men's fashion retailer, has teamed up with luxury watchmaker HYT to create an exclusive timepiece for the discerning modern man. This one-of-a-kind watch is a true masterpiece, combining precision engineering with cutting-edge design to create a truly unique and stylish accessory.

The HYT x Mr Porter watch features a sleek and stylish black case with a sapphire crystal display that showcases the watch's intricate inner workings. The black leather strap is accented with red stitching, adding a pop of color and further elevating the watch's luxurious look and feel.

One of the standout features of this exclusive timepiece is its innovative and futuristic timekeeping mechanism. Rather than using traditional hands, the HYT x Mr Porter watch features a unique fluidic module that uses two bellows to move a brightly colored liquid around the watch face, indicating the hours and minutes. This innovative system is not only visually stunning but also incredibly precise and reliable.

Of course, with a price tag of $58,000, the HYT x Mr Porter watch is not for everyone. But for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship, cutting-edge design, and innovative technology, this exclusive timepiece is sure to be a prized possession that will be treasured for years to come.

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