Vintage Watches Never Seen in the U.S. At Vacheron Constantin's New NYC Exhibition

Vintage Watches Never Seen in the U.S. At Vacheron Constantin's New NYC Exhibition
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Watches from the Swiss museum of the company are on display in New York.

It continues to celebrate Vacheron Constantin's biggest store in the world, its sprawling New York City flagship. Following several cocktail parties and events, Vacheron has just unveiled a new exhibit that showcases mid-century watches typically displayed in the company's museum. The exhibition runs from now until March 2022.

This is the first time the watches in the show have been brought to the United States, so if you’re a collector or just love watches, you should check it out. "Nickname" is an exhibition celebrating watches with playful aliases, such as "butterfly," "bull" or "batman" that collectors have given the watches to represent their unusual case shapes and lugs.

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A three-piece pop-art oil painting series created by New York-based artist Jojo Anavim was created to bring the exhibition to life. Their artwork depicts a pocket watch emerging from a cloud, lovers embracing within a golden bezel, and a watch face bursting from a Campbell's soup can, among other scenes.

Courtesy of Vacheron Constantin

The timepieces belong to Vacheron Constantin's Swiss museum, so neither the art nor the watches are for sale. They should, however, inspire you to buy one of the boutique's vintage Les Collectionneurs watches that are exclusively available for purchase here. There are many pieces in similar style to museum heritage pieces, ranging in price between $15,000 and $300,000. You can also customize a new leather accessory for your Vacheron collection by visiting the strap bar, located on the same level.

Although vintage and new models alike are showcased in the new Manhattan space, it's well worth checking out. For those on the hunt for something really special, you should see one of the few ultra-rare, one-of-a-kind Les Cabinotiers pieces in the back room, which can be viewed on request by true watch connoisseurs.

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