Using traditional Chinese Art as Inspiration, Ameco creates a Boeing 787 Cabin Design

Using traditional Chinese Art as Inspiration, Ameco creates a Boeing 787 Cabin Design

With 224 feet of length and an 18-foot-wide cabin that can accommodate 330 passengers, the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner provides owners with ample space to create a truly luxurious travel experience. A new cabin concept for the B787, called Chinese Dragon, has been unveiled by Ameco Beijing, China's largest aircraft-technical support company. Ameco's concept includes a crew area, a guest lounge, a cinema, a dining room, a bar and galley, a VIP lounge, an office, and a master suite with a bedroom, bathroom, and dressing area.


The Boeing 787-10, the newest version of Boeing's classic airliner, can fly up to 7,400 miles at about 570 mph for a flight duration of about 12 hours. Ameco's cinema space reflects the graceful curves of a dragon's neck with its layered facade and ceiling. A star-filled sky is created by LED lights in the ceiling. While guests enjoy the experience of watching a broad-screen movie on the sofa, there is a fold-down armrest with wine glasses available for refreshments.

Dining Room

With triangle inlays on the ceiling and carpet representing dragon scales, the dining room reflects the dragon theme. A marble slate dining table with metal details is constructed from marble slate. Symbolizing goodwill and togetherness, the round shape symbolizes "the auspicious meaning of reunion since ancient times," according to Ameco.

VIP Lounge

During the VIP Lounge after the movie, the dragon theme is enhanced by natural colors and triangle shapes.

Master bedroom

There is an extra-wide bed in the master bedroom that reflects traditional Chinese design, with a simple and elegant wood veneer that is reflected in the woodwork and furnishings throughout the room. In the dome, LED lights create the illusion of a starry sky with triangles above the bed -- the dragon-scale motif once again. There are two showers and a large, modern lavatory in the master suite. The lavatory has a green marble floor.

Ameco Beijing Chinese Dragon

B787-10, which costs about $325 million; the custom interior is extra, was designed to evoke "a dragon flying in the sky, exquisite and elegant."

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