Unwind with Sun, Ski, and Spa: Kempinski St Moritz Has it All

Unwind with Sun, Ski, and Spa: Kempinski St Moritz Has it All
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From an established St Moritz hotel, Rich Report takes you to the Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski that exudes all the glamour and glitz that one could imagine.

For about as long as wealthy Europeans have been traveling to Europe, this Swiss town has been one of the most glamorous destinations in the continent, a perpetual playground for the jet-set.

It is impossible not to be struck by the magnificent façade of the Kempinski Hotel St Moritz as you stroll along the avenue of trees that leads up to it, towering tall with the grandeur one could expect from the oldest hotel in St Moritz.

The world's most famous figures, such as Alfred Hitchcock, Brigitte Bardot, the Shah of Iran and Prince Albert of Monaco (a dinner party guest list for the ages) have all praised this sun-drenched alpine valley, which is more than just good marketing.

It is safe to say that Kempinski's Grand Hotel des Bains represents the essence of St Moritz in the form of a hotel. There are several resemblances to Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel and Neuschwanstein Castle from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - that's the one from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang that looks more fantasy than a flying car in the film. 

There is no question that it's not a wholly ridiculous comparison: Neuschwanstein Castle was built five years after the Kempinski and it's only 83 miles away, although you would have to cross three borders to reach it.     

It is impossible to miss the stately presence of the Kempinski. It is elegantly located in the south of the valley and sits on an impressive frozen lake, providing the town with its focal point, which is situated at the southern end of the valley.

A luxurious alpine icon has been renovated by Kempinski - Europe's oldest hotel chain - for the past 20 years, marking an important milestone in its history.  

Courtesy of Kempinski Hotels 

This once renowned wellness center is now directly fed by the mineral springs that once fed the spa at the Kempinski, once regarded as one of Europe’s premiere wellness hubs. It could be said that these springs were praised for their healing properties and that they attracted many visitors to the valley, although the majority of these visitors chose to visit St Moritz during the summer season.

In the summer of 1864, a St Moritz hotelier laid down the gauntlet to four British guests who had visited the hotel during the summer months. It was suggested that they return in the winter and that if they did not like St Moritz, he would reimburse their travel costs if they did not enjoy it. A free holiday enticed them to accept the offer. 

Encouraged by the prospect of a free holiday, they accepted it. As it turned out, the guests loved the snow-drenched winter mountains in the Alps so much that upon their return, they told all their friends about what an amazing experience they had, effectively kick-starting the winter alpine tourism industry.

In the past few decades, St Moritz has undergone substantial changes, with two winter Olympics contributing to its sporting prestige, while major events like the Snow Polo World Cup, Gourmet Food Festival, and classic car shows ensure visitors continue to visit the mountains all year long.

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To arrive in St Moritz in style, it's best to start as you mean to go on. Private jets remain the most popular means of arriving in the valley. There is a certain je ne sais quoi to this jet-set paradise with Gulfstreams and Embraers flying down the valley every ten minutes. The Glacier Express, a train with large glass windows that provide the most incredible panoramas as it climbs the mountains to reach the lofty St Moritz, located at 5,900 feet, is a great option for the more environmentally conscious.


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The Kempinski, St Moritz' oldest hotel, adds a touch of opulence to this already luxurious destination. Featuring 228 rooms and suites, the Kempinski is ideal for guests who are looking for a true St Moritz experience.

The hotel offers 89 suites, ranging in size from the gargantuan Presidential Suite to the more modest but equally beautiful junior suites. Among the hotel's highlights are the two tower suites, which offer a classic wood-filled chalet feel. This is the perfect place for a family vacation in the mountains to enjoy great views of the valley below.

Fourty-four of the suites are Alpine suites, which are designed as residences for longer stays and are equipped with kitchen facilities and larger communal lounges. With a variety of options from two-beds to extensive five-bed suites, the Alpine suites can serve as a base for your whole family during a long stay in the Alps.

From classic single rooms to spacious grand deluxe rooms, the 139 rooms cater to a variety of needs. For those looking for a quick taste of the mountains, these rooms are ideal, and Kempinski's exceptional services are included as well.


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There are three excellent restaurants at the Kempinski, as well as a newly renovated bar area, making the hotel an excellent choice for guests as well as visitors to St Moritz.

In addition to serving gourmet Mediterranean cuisine, Cà d'Oro is the hotel's flagship restaurant. A formal experience is ideal for those looking for a special occasion or those who enjoy the finer things in life. The outstanding food and extensive wine list make it a great choice for those who value excellence.

Courtesy of Kempinski Hotels 

A Mediterranean restaurant's ingredients are simple, but of high quality, like all the best. A beautiful chandelier serves as a focal point of the restaurant's décor that contrasts with the traditional almost regal décor with which it is decorated. Beautifully decorated contemporary plates fly out of the kitchen faster than skiers.

It is a rustic Italian restaurant that looks just like a traditional trattoria in both the Kempinski and St Moritz. The walls are adorned with pictures of nonna and seemingly endless bottles of wine. The restaurant offers diners a relaxed sense of homeliness similar to all the best Italian restaurants.

There are three restaurants in the area, but Grand Restaurant Les Saisons is the largest and most casual, offering Swiss and French cuisine inspired by the surrounding area. For any busy day in the mountains, breakfast at Grand Restaurant Les Saisons is a must.


Courtesy of Kempinski Hotels 

There is no doubt that the Kempinski's spa is one of the best in the area being built right on top of the mineral water springs that brought so many people to St Moritz in the first place, so there was already an inkling of wellness here long before the hotel was constructed.

This alpine spa spans over 30,000 square feet, including four different types of saunas, steam baths, saunas, laconiums, Kneipp gardens and an impressive indoor pool that stretches across 30,000 square feet. As well as the large number of facilities available at the spa, the menu of typical spa treatments is also very extensive.

It is important to note that the Kempinski hotel in St Moritz is the only hotel in the area that offers cryotherapy, a more radical form of treatment. It has been shown that a short blast of freezing-cold conditions can greatly aid recovery after spending a long day on the mountains. It can also improve sleep and reduce inflammation as well.


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There would be no point in discussing St Moritz without mentioning the quality of the skiing, which is of the highest level. The high altitude ensures that even at the end of the winter season, the snow is of excellent quality, and the gondola is located right next to the Kempinski Hotel.  

There are more than 190 miles of ski runs at St Moritz, spread across three different areas: Corviglia (the largest and closest to St Moritz), Corvatsch and Pontresina. You can rent ski equipment from the Kempinski if you don't own your own equipment.

It is common for alpine resorts to turn into ghost towns during the summer, only inhabited by hikers, mountain bikers and rock climbers, but St Moritz defies this stereotype. Watersports are available on the large lake during the summertime, and there are a number of classy events throughout the year that keep people coming back to the valley year after year.

There are a lot of boutique shops and designer brands in the village center, making it one of the most high end in the alps. You can always stop by to grab a new outfit. You can even find a Louis Vuitton in a yurt, which must be a world first. If you prefer shopping over sliding down the slopes, you’ll be quite comfortable walking the streets of St Moritz.

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