Two Gulfstream G150s boost Jet It's capabilities

Two Gulfstream G150s boost Jet It's capabilities
Courtesy of Jet It

By expanding their fleet, the fractional ownership company will be able to provide their customers with longer range and increased capacity.

As part of its long-term plan to add the larger HondaJet 2600 to its fleet in the near future, North Carolina-based fractional operator Jet It added two Gulfstream G150 aircraft to its fleet to enable transcontinental U.S. flights.

Glenn Gonzales, Jet It's co-founder and CEO, said the G150 will seamlessly integrate cross-continental travel for its shareholders. We are looking forward to becoming HondaJet 2600's launch customer when the aircraft becomes available, and Honda's commitment to aviation is exciting."

At the National Business Aviation Association's annual convention in October, Honda unveiled plans for the 2600 twinjet, which will have a range of 2,625 nautical miles and seat up to 11 passengers. Market research will be conducted before it is monetized, according to the company.

The G150, which is capable of 3,200 nautical miles and seats eight, was introduced as a result of feedback from Jet It's shareowners. 

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