Traveling To Paris, The City Of Lights And Love

Traveling To Paris, The City Of Lights And Love
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Known as "The City of Light" and "The City of Love" because of its romantic atmosphere, Paris is the capital of France. Known for its exquisite cuisine as well as its international status as a fashion hub, Paris is divided into 20 different districts, with the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame cathedral, and Eiffel Tower being the most popular tourist destinations.

Despite the two-year slump caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, there is no shortage of places to eat, drink, shop, and tour. By summer 2022, France will once again be the world's most visited country, according to Tourism Minister Olivia Gregoire. Providing over two million jobs and accounting for 8 percent of France's national gross domestic product, France's tourism industry is primed to rebound in a big way. In light of the weak euro, more Americans are visiting the city, as pandemic restrictions are softened and the city's borders opened.

In addition to removing the requirement for COVID certificates, the rules on vaccine passes have been relaxed, and masks are no longer mandatory but are strongly encouraged. Although this has caused initial concerns about overtourism, the French government is considering how to make tourism more sustainable in the future. As long as tourists have a quality visit, they want to take climate and emissions into consideration.


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Due to the variety of direct flights offered by Air France and others, many Americans visit Paris each year. Air France offers flights from Atlanta to Paris and Denver to Paris for as little as $774 round trip over the next three months (September, October, and November). From Atlanta, flights are available for $1,270 round trip in September, $849 round trip in October, and $774 round trip in November. In September, round-trip flights from Denver cost $1,244; in October, they cost $785; and in November, they cost $865.

New long-haul comfort kits will also be available on 12 Boeing 777-300s, which will fly from Paris to New York (JFK) for the first time in autumn 2022. There will be an 18-month supply of comfort kits in Business and Premium Economy cabins, which include toothbrush and toothpaste, earplugs, a sleeping mask, socks, rejuvenating hand cream, and Hydra-essential moisturizing cooling face gel from Air France partner Clarins.

With its Neoclassic-style architecture and centuries-old churches, Paris attracts millions of visitors every year, and its streets are always busy with tourists and locals enjoying the markets and cafes. The city of "many splendors" coined by Ernest Hemingway in his memoir, shops on the Champs Élysées or boutiques in Le Marais, beckon all to see the latest items from the world's biggest designers. Enjoy sweet or savory street crepes or buttery croissants as you stroll the city's many arrondissements (districts). 

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