Toxic Avenger? This New Whiskey Brand Is Making Hooch Inspired by B-Movies

Toxic Avenger? This New Whiskey Brand Is Making Hooch Inspired by B-Movies
Courtesy of Breaking Bourbon

Filmland Spirits launches with a rye and two bourbons. 

Filmland Spirits has created a trio of retro B-movie-inspired bottles that are perfect for bringing two nerdy things together: film and whiskey.

This fall, three new American whiskey expressions have finally arrived at Filmland, with the tagline "A Blockbuster in Every Bottle.". The whiskey company was founded in 2020 by a group who were equally inspired by whiskey as they were by movies. 

An inspiration for the liquid really begins with a filmic concept, according to the brand. A retro B-movie idea is first proposed, and then turned into a script that includes monsters, heroes, and villains. It is likely not a feature-length movie, but snippets and trailers can be found on the brand’s website. Lastly, a schlocky movie poster is designed to serve as the bottle label.

There is always something intriguing and evocative about a design or backstory, but let's take a look at what Filmland is doing here with the whiskey.

94 proof and aged in new American oak for at least four years, Moonlight Mayhem is a straight whiskey made from 75 percent corn, 21 percent rye, and 4 percent malted barley mash-up. As a result of their disapproving families, a mixed-monster couple is left in the dark by their disapproving families in this Romeo and Juliet-inspired tale about werewolves ruling the world. 

A cask-strength version of the bourbon is also available, including Moonlight Mayhem! 115 proof, which contains deleted scenes from the werewolf saga. Also available is “Ryes of the Robots,” a rye whiskey bottled at 94 proof, aged at least four years. In this backstory, a bartender must fight off an army of robot mixologists in the aftermath of the Automation Wars of 3050, which reminds me of Terminator.

Two of the Filmland whiskeys, the rye and cask-strength bourbon, won gold medals at this year's San Francisco World's Spirits Competition.

For the bourbon, it will cost $55; for the rye, it will cost $60; and for the cask strength, it will cost $80. The bottles are available on the Filmland website for presale and will be available at Reserve Bar starting September 15. It is likely that aspiring screenwriters/baristas will not be able to locate these on the shelves of their local Hollywood Boulevard liquor store, as they are at the higher end of the market for sourced whiskey. This seems like a whiskey aesthetic Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez would enjoy, so please send them a couple of bottles as soon as possible.

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