Toronto's First Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Toronto's First Michelin-Starred Restaurants
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There are 12 restaurants with one star and one with two stars in this Canadian city.

Michelin has put Toronto on the map.

With 13 restaurants making the cut, Michelin has just announced its first-ever stars for the city of Montreal. Only one restaurant received two stars, while twelve of the spots received one star. Overall, there is not much diversity in the cuisine represented, as five Japanese restaurants appear on the inaugural list. You will find four restaurants in that area that offer what the Michelin Guide describes as "contemporary" cuisine, including two Italian restaurants, one Mexican restaurant, and one French restaurant.

As far as the Michelin inspectors are concerned, Sushi Masaki Saito is the best Toronto restaurant, serving omakase shirako grilled over binchotan and white truffle chutoro. A 200-year-old hinoki counter serves you with the best fish from Japan and the best rice from Niigata prefecture.

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You can try acclaimed chef Patrick Kriss' contemporary tasting menu at Alo, where he serves a Japanese-influenced tasting menu. The Michelin Guide also gave Kriss Alobar Yorkville a star for its desserts, such as mille-feuilles with raspberry Chantilly and lamb rack with Thai green curry. It's a "show-stopper," according to the Michelin Guide.

A favorite restaurant of Kriss, Edulis appears in this new guide, as Kriss told Rich Report in 2019. A Mediterranean-inspired menu is served at this tasting-menu restaurant from Michael Caballo and Tobey Nemeth, where dishes include roasted chicken, maccheroni stuffed with mushroom purée, and a trio of maccheroni. Quetzal, another Rich Report favorite, is recognized for its Mexican cuisine featuring Canadian ingredients. Every dish is grilled on the restaurant's 26-foot wood-burning grill.

Taking a trip north of the border seems like a good idea.

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