This Year, Michter's Will Be Releasing Its 10-Year-Old Bourbon

This Year, Michter's Will Be Releasing Its 10-Year-Old Bourbon
Courtesy of Bourbon Culture

A 10-year bourbon will be available this year, the distiller announced.

It is not uncommon for bourbon fans to be disappointed even in banner times. 

This year, Michter's, a well-known distillery, is taking a unique approach to their product line by only releasing rye bourbon. This decision is a departure from their usual release of a variety of spirits and highlights their focus on quality and expertise in the production of rye bourbon. The move to concentrate solely on one type of spirit allows Michter's to invest their time and resources into perfecting the flavor profile and ensuring that every bottle meets their high standards. Fans of Michter's can expect the same smooth and complex taste that they have come to love, with a focus on the distinct flavors of rye.

This year's release is sure to be highly anticipated and will provide a true showcase of Michter's mastery of rye bourbon. Whether you are a seasoned whiskey drinker or just starting to explore the world of spirits, Michter's rye bourbon is a must-try for anyone looking for a unique and high-quality drinking experience.

For instance, Michter's announced this spring that it would delay the release of its annual 10-year-old bourbon until 2023 so the whiskey could age. There is currently a shortage of whiskey available at Michter's because demand is outpacing supply. Michter's does have a reputation for holding back releases if they are not considered ready. Willie Pratt, the late master distiller, even got a nickname of "Dr." 'No' for not allowing whiskey to be bottled until it reached the perfect maturity level.

For those who are still reeling from Michter's decade-old bourbon deficit, this week's news about Michter's 10-year-old rye whiskey might be a welcome relief.

There are many whiskey fans who argue that despite the fact that this whiskey is much easier to find than the 20-year-old, its very nature is all about maximization of sales, despite the fact that it normally commands prices double or even triple its $185 retail price. Despite this, both the rye and bourbon are generally excellent whiskeys. Judging from the tasting notes, the rye from 2022 should be no different. 

In case you can't get your hands on Michter's, there are other ten-year-old bourbon and rye whiskeys to try. It is likely that those with the patience and fortitude to wait will be delighted with the rye whiskey released this year, and hopefully the bourbon will be released in 2023.

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