The Vegas Strip Is Getting $500 Omakase From This Michelin Two-Star Chef

The Vegas Strip Is Getting $500 Omakase From This Michelin Two-Star Chef
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A debut in the US is made by Tetsuya Wakuda.

Wakuda wants to offer both sides of the Las Vegas experience, including big, boisterous restaurants with a scene, and smaller, intimate restaurants with a tasting menu.

The Venetian's 50 Eggs Hospitality Group and acclaimed chef Tetsuya Wakuda have opened this glamorous new restaurant inside a larger restaurant facing the Strip.

50 Eggs founder and CEO John Kunkel describes the restaurant that debuts June 25 as "a Zuma or Nobu on steroids," where music, food, service, and art are all colliding together.

A chef who has twice been ranked among the World’s 50 Best for his restaurant Waku Ghin at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and Tetsuya’s in Sydney, Australia, is opening his first restaurant in America. As the Vegas Strip is undeniable in its energy, he is ready to create something to match it.

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A similar to Las Vegas with its buzzing clubs and entertainment, the restaurant is inspired by the Shinjuku area of Tokyo.

A $500 omakase dinner at Wakuda, however, is available for those seeking a more serene and rarefied dining experience.

Putting yourself in the hands of the chef is part of what makes omakase so intriguing. We will be able to customize dishes based on allergies and ingredients preferences, but our goal is for you to immerse yourself in the world of Wakuda.

Kunkel's omakase area, which is accessible through a secret pathway and has a high-end Japanese whiskey bar for cocktails, is where you'll need to reserve a seat in order to experience this 10-to-15-course meal. A private dining area is also available adjacent for VIPs. In addition to robatayaki grilled on binchotan, sushi, sashimi, tempura, cold soba, rice bowls, and more, Wakuda's interpretation of classic Japanese dishes will be served at the rest of the restaurant.

Wakuda sources top-notch items from around the world instead of resolutely focusing on Japanese ingredients: Canadian lobsters, Australian steaks and New Zealand Ora King salmons are just a few of the items sourced from all over the world.

Having opened at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore this past April, Wakuda is a new restaurant brand with global ambitions. Last week, David Beckham dined there.

The appeal of Wakuda's restaurant will be the sakes that you cannot find anywhere else, which will be a part of its allure in Vegas as well.

In contrast, Kunkel has restaurants such as Yardbird and Chica at The Venetian, but he knows Wakuda is setting a new standard for Las Vegas casino dining. On the Strip, there are plenty of fine dining spots with European influences, but to have a Michelin two-star Japanese chef serve omakase and a la carte fare in a party-hearty setting is quite the experience.

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