The Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Watch in White Gold is Now Smaller

The Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Watch in White Gold is Now Smaller
Courtesy of Patek Philippe

There should be an increase in wrists as a result of new dimensions.

It's important to realize that watch companies continue to develop travel watches, even though traveling out of the country is out of reach for most people. Travel watches are often developed a year or even two years in advance, and who would have ever imagined we'd live in this era?

There are several reasons why the Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot might be appealing to some consumers, whether they work from home and have to deal with multiple time zones or if they are simply fans of this watch. With its size of 37.5 mm by 10.8 mm, the new white gold Ref. 7234G is notably smaller than its white gold predecessor, the Ref. 5524, released in 2015. It sported a 42 mm case and was the first modern reinterpretation of the 1936 watch.

It was announced last year that Patek Philippe would release a platinum watch for men, Ref. 5520P, which would come with a black strap with four pushers and an ebony black sunburst dial that was 42 mm by 11.6 mm. The ladies' Ref. 7234A, the first steel version, was released in 2019, and the 2018 rose gold Ref. 7234R had the same size as the new Ref. 7234G. However, Patek Philippe has finally delivered those who desired the Ref. 5524 in a smaller size.

It comes equipped with the self-winding caliber 324 S C FUS, operating home time, which is portrayed by the white gold skeleton hand topped off with white lacquer, as well as a second time zone, which is indicated by a solid hour hand and the date can be adjusted bidirectionally at the 6 o’clock position. At 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, there are small apertures that indicate local and home times as well as day and night.

Courtesy of Patek Philippe


Using one of the pushers on the left-hand side of the watch, the second time zone hand is moved forward and backward in one hour increments by moving it forward or backward in one hour increments. It is possible to keep both hands superimposed so that only one time is shown if the wearer isn't jet-setting around the globe or taking early morning calls from a distant second office.

While the pushers of the Calatrava Pilot are prominent, which has caused some controversy in the watch collecting social spheres, like it or not, they are also historically accurate to the watch's original heyday, when pilots were forced to wear thick flight gloves while adjusting the time with larger pushers. They make for an instantly recognizable design feature of the watch.

In case you are ever knocking about the pushers, Patek Philippe has developed a patented safety lock for them, so you do not unintentionally adjust the second time zone. There is no way you would knock around a Patek Philippe these days, of any kind, but it does give you peace of mind to know that you are not doing anything wrong.

There is also a brown calfskin strap that mimics the harnesses that were used by pilots to secure the deployable survival kits needed to survive in case of an emergency, which is another design twist meant to ressemble the harnesses that were used to secure pilots' deployable survival kits. The watch retails for $48,295 and comes on a navy blue strap with a white-gold clevis buckle.

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