The Ocean Alexander 35R Review

The Ocean Alexander 35R Review
The 35R is powered by twin 1,900 horsepower MAN V-12 diesel engines. There is an option for twin 2,600 hp MTU engines. Courtesy by Ocean Alexander

The OA 35R proves that size doesn't matter when you know how to work with volume.

The 35R is powered by twin 1,900 horsepower MAN V-12 diesel engines. There is an option for twin 2,600 hp MTU engines. Courtesy by Ocean Alexander

In the past, boatbuilders and designers could only convey the sense of space a yacht offered by referring to its length. The literal length of a yacht was used even by the most experienced yacht owners to judge the possibilities. In the same way, yachts from competing brands offered essentially the same configurations, leaving little to differentiate them.

In recent years, both sides of the buying equation have begun to change their perspectives.

A tally of feet and inches doesn't have to limit the imagination of naval architects and shipyards. As they approached the volume, they got creative. Within that physical envelope, they discovered they could push out volume, or gross tonnage, impressively, opening up a world of possibilities without sacrificing performance.

Similarly, yachtsmen began to learn that gross tonnage was more important than feet and inches in terms of the creature comforts they wanted.

During dining, you can enjoy unobstructed ocean views due to the sole-to-ceiling glass and the cut-down bulwarks. 

Ocean Alexander 35R, which measures 116 feet 9 inches in length and weighs just shy of 300 tons, is the latest model to demonstrate both points. During the recent Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in Florida, Hull No. 2 sold quickly after being commissioned by a client. First available build slot was Hull No. 7, with delivery anticipated in 2024. Customers loyal to Ocean Alexander and newcomers are both interested in the series.

“Revolution” is the name of the series in this case. In its 40-plus years in business, Ocean Alexander has built many boats, but none can compare to this series, which includes the 88-foot 27R and 97-foot 30R. 

Styles are distinctly modern and edgy, breaking from the builder's more traditional style. Marshall designed both the traditional cruisers and the Revolution series.

In addition to being stylish, the Revolution series also serves a practical purpose. With its high, vertical bow, the 35R's hull design by Arrabito Naval Architects provides more interior space. There are bulkhead cutouts along the main deck, which are used to frame the dining area and salon, as well as the owner's stateroom. The 35R's 25-foot beam, coupled with sliding glass doors on both sides, creates a feeling as if you are aboard a yacht 15 feet longer.

There is an artisanal quality to the foredeck's teak sole, and the lounge and sun pad offer a quiet retreat.

Belowdecks, a similar sensation can be felt. There is a short passageway to starboard that leads beyond the beach club (more on that later) to a head with a shower, as well as a separate gym with a sauna. This type of wellness area is typically found on mega-yachts that are more than 150 feet long. Besides being unique, it also fits without looking or feeling cramped. For a 35R, even a dedicated head is pretty uncommon. Additionally, there is no encroachment on practical space in the engine room further forward.

Let's head back to the beach club. Exceptional and practical are combined in this product. An expansive T-shaped expanse of glass covers nearly the entire overhead and extends partially down the forward bulkhead. A TV and bar to port and a settee opposite make the cozy, air-conditioned space look and feel more spacious. In addition to being attractive, the glass benefits those seated on the main deck aft even more. At anchor, moms and dads can see their kids jumping off the swim platform or playing in the water without having to stand up and look over the yacht's side when the 35R's transom is open.

As you might have guessed by now, glass plays an important role on board the 35R. Moreover, it enhances the feeling of space in yet another way. As part of the company's current philosophy, the master stateroom on the main deck has picture-window ports on both sides. The porthole above the bathtub in the en suite head reflects that philosophy. This is yet another example of big-yacht thinking at work.

This main-deck master stateroom benefits from the 35R's vertical-bow design.

There are some traditions that Ocean Alexander sticks to, of course. Hull No. 2's interior is semicustom, so owners can enjoy the white-oak soles that are on board and popular in current home design, or opt for something richer in tone. The shipyard's cabinetry shop can make furnishings as well, or owners can choose from a variety of design houses. 

Ocean Alexander chose bar stools and more from the Italian company Poltrona Frau for Hull No. 2. The bow lounge will have pop-up LED lighting for nighttime enjoyment, for example.

While Ocean Alexander named the 35R for its length in meters, don’t be fooled by the number. The yacht’s expansive interior and alfresco areas quickly make anyone aboard forget the distance from bow to stern. And when the guests inquire as to how big the 35R is, owners can give them a quick education in how voluminous volume trumps literal length every time.  

TV Star

A one-hour special airs each year on NBC Sports during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, which includes the Best in Show award. A panel of judges who evaluated performance, design, and technology selected the 35R as the top world debut in 2021. 

One of the “wow” features on board the Ocean Alexander 35R is the customizable beach club.

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