The Marque's Annual Ai Day Features Tesla's First Humanoid Robot

The Marque's Annual Ai Day Features Tesla's First Humanoid Robot
Courtesy of The Washington Post 

The company is ready to enter the robot market.

When it eventually goes on sale, Elon Musk said the droid might cost around $20,000.

During Tesla's AI Day recruiting event in Palo Alto, Califorina on Friday, Elon Musk displayed prototypes of the company's first bipedal robot, Optimus. However, the CEO of the company says that consumers will eventually be able to purchase the droid.

In 2017, Musk announced Tesla was developing a robot at AI Day, but the marque had no prototype to show. Rather than a dancer dressed as a robot, Tesla brought out a "rough development robot" that walked slowly on stage and waved its hands. A second prototype that resembles what Optimus will ultimately look like was also shown, though it was held up by three people. A pre-shot video showed the droid carrying a box and performing more complex tasks.

We didn't find it to be the most impressive robot display we've ever seen. A droid that can do backflips and dance has been demonstrated by Boston Dynamics. Musk explained the simplicity of the display by saying that Optimus had never worked without a tether, and the company was just being cautious. As it advances, Musk says it will be able to "help millions of people."

Tesla's "Full Self Driving" technology as well as Musk's trademark bravado did not convince some AI experts. The AP quoted researcher Filip Piekniewski as saying: "This Tesla AI day is next level cringeworthy." It is a complete scam. Is there anyone on earth who believes this bulls–t anymore? ”

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The self-generated hype surrounding Optimus will be tested by the end of the decade, according to Musk. The robot has only been in development for six to eight months, but Tesla executives said it will be available within three to five years and could cost less than $20,000.

Nonetheless, don't be surprised if either or both of those targets change. Five years after the Roadster sports car was first announced, we're still waiting for it to go into production. Tesla's website no longer mentions the $39,900 starting price Musk mentioned when the EV was unveiled back in 2019, nor does it mention when the Cybertruck will be available.

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