The Cavorite X5 Evtol Prototype Was Successfully Hovered By Horizon Aircraft For The First Time

The Cavorite X5 Evtol Prototype Was Successfully Hovered By Horizon Aircraft For The First Time
Courtesy of New Atlas‍

The Canadian start-up plans to develop an eVTOL aircraft with a hybrid-electric power system that is highly efficient and highly reliable. Air taxis, cargo transportation, disaster relief, and emergency medical services will all be provided by the aircraft, which will seat four passengers and one pilot. 16 ducted fans are built into the wings and canards of this patented fan-in-wing aircraft. 

Horizon CEO Brandon Robinson said Cavorite X5 prototypes exceeded expectations during hover testing. As a test of system redundancy, 20 percent of its fans were intentionally disabled for the purpose of hovering at 65 percent power.

Courtesy of New Atlas

Robinson pointed out that the aircraft has a 22-foot wingspan, a length of over 15 feet, and a top speed of more than 175 mph. The data continues to feed into the company’s full-scale design which is constantly being improved.

In 98 percent of cases during a mission, Horizon's aircraft fly in a low-drag configuration, similar to conventional airplanes. Compared to other eVTOL designs, like tilting rotors, this configuration is said to be safer, more efficient, and easier to certify. Aircraft batteries can be recharged during flight using the hybrid-electric power system. 

Courtesy of New Atlas

A hover test was conducted by Robinson's company in July 2022. 

According to Robinson, the aircraft reached about 15 feet altitude during hover tests tethered to the ground. In spite of the fact that there was no more data to be gained by going higher, the aircraft has sufficient excess hover power to climb vertically to almost any height.

A transition flight test with Cavorite X5 is now being prepared by Horizon. Any eVTOL aircraft needs to be able to perform a transition flight, during which it transitions from hover to forward flight. 

According to Horizon, a full-scale aircraft is expected to be delivered in 2026 pending type certification.

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