The BodyHoliday Spa in Saint Lucia

The BodyHoliday Spa in Saint Lucia
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As Rich Report takes you to this Caribbean paradise, you will be able to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, where even doing nothing is an option - there is no pressure but you will be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

When it comes to a 'healthy' holiday, having the right mindset is important. Some people might be too burnt out for a bootcamp, while others might find a spa-focused break too lonely, while others might find a detox retreat more grueling than uplifting. 

Courtesy of The BodyHoliday

This is where the all-inclusive BodyHoliday on St Lucia comes in, with every option to restore mind, body, and spirit covered. In a blissful setting set in the Caribbean, you can enjoy a daily schedule of excellent classes and food that is healthy without being restrictive. 

The mix of guests ranges from solo travellers of all ages to couples, groups of friends, and younger children (although younger children of 12 and upwards are welcome during the Easter break, summer months, and Christmas holidays). Aside from that, it tends to attract people who are just looking for a place to relax and refresh after a busy day. 

Courtesy of The BodyHoliday

How did this all begin?

With its retro branding and 1988 name, BodyHoliday aimed at exhausted people in an era of 'work hard, play hard' - and that's still true today. Original sister property Rendezvous, on St Lucia's northeast coast, was the world's first couples-only resort, but is now exclusively for adults. The BodyHoliday is a perfect blend of a detox break and a hotel, but it is so much more than that.

How does the wellness concept work?

It's highly likely that you'll find it here if you're interested in trying it. Every day, a spa treatment from a set menu is included in the room rate. In addition to an Ayurvedic spa and center, special retreats like yoga and dance are offered. 

The daily fitness menu includes some 30+ classes, starting with sunrise yoga and ending with sunset yoga. In addition to sailing, scuba diving, and other watersports, you can also try archery, tennis, golf, weight classes, aerobics, pilates, spinning, and more. It's healthy and active when you want it to be, but you can also lounge by the pool or beach with a frozen Daiquiri in hand when you don't.

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How do the signature treatments work?

The resort offers a choice of 50-minute daily treatments (a mother-to-be massage is available). You'll get a chance to try all of the treatments if you stay for a week, including thalassotherapy - where you stretch in a small pool while being pounded by jets of filtered seawater. It's a great way to increase blood circulation (you might want to wear a one-piece suit). Seawater is rich in calcium, as well as other minerals.

A Serenity Massage, which uses essential oils for a gentle, relaxing massage that's ideal before bed, is also worth trying. In the meantime, if you're looking for something a bit livelier, try the energizing Sizzler Massage, which uses oil and vigorous rhythmic movements. It's definitely not going to be easy to sleep. In our experience, the inclusive facial was less impressive than one from SkinCeuticals (charged separately) in the skin clinic. 

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Do you have any recommendations for therapists?

As a result of the large number of treatments administered daily, there are so many therapists.  It's definitely worth a visit to Pavitra, the Ayurvedic center, if you're looking for something more tailored and unique. 

Ancient Indian preventative medicine offers a more bespoke approach, and you can speak with Ayurvedic experts for lifestyle advice. A synchronised abhyanga massage - as its name suggests - uses herbal oils for ultimate relaxation and is administered by two people at the same time. If you want to get into the zone of total relaxation as soon as you arrive, book it as soon as you arrive.

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Is there anything unique about it?

There's something really special about this place. Everything at the resort is top notch, including the food, the fitness classes, and especially the tennis coach, golf pro, and Pilates instructor. An enthusiastic older gentleman teaches Aqua Fit, which is popular for its hilarity and lightheartedness. 

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Despite being nourishing, the food still tastes amazing. There's also no pressure: you can take a class every hour of the day, or you can just sit by the pool or on the beach. There is also a lovely touch of afternoon tea every day and a barbeque every week. A piano bar is a great place to meet new people (ideal for solo travellers) or try the local rum. 

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Can you tell me what else they offer?

It's hard to prove the health benefits of infrared - which range from managing high blood pressure to easing arthritis symptoms - but, regardless, an infrared sauna is far more comfortable than a traditional heat sauna, and gives the same results (minus sweat). Excursions to local waterfalls and mud baths are available if the weather permits.

For an additional fee, personal trainers and sports coaches are available for private sessions in the gym. Eve Beauty offers a wide range of beauty services (from nails to hair colouring). There are six different restaurants, but TAO, serving East Asian-inspired fusion food, is undeniably the best, though Pavillion's breakfast buffet is also excellent. A plant-based version of I-TAL is inspired by traditional Rastafarianian cuisine. It is a supplementary charge, but the food is locally grown, and you can tour the gardens before dinner. 

Do you have a place to stay?

From the larger Oasis Villa collection (including a new Hibiscus Villa that sleeps up to six) to ocean suites and rooms, and a variety of Garden rooms, there are a variety of options available. Many of these come without the single supplement, making them popular with solo travellers. 

Ocean View rooms are undeniably beautiful, and if you can get one, the views of the Caribbean Sea are well worth it. Overall, the rooms are clean, pleasant, and have stocked fridges, but in terms of decor and luxury feel a little underwhelming. 

Courtesy of The BodyHoliday

Can you think of anything else to mention?

It is necessary to climb a few steep steps to reach the spa, however there is transportation available if you do not want to walk.

Last but not the least...

There is no doubt that BodyHoliday delivers. You won't feel more tired when you leave than when you arrived with this healthy reset. Including transfers, full board, and daily spa treatments, Healing Holidays offers a seven-night stay for £2,699 per person sharing

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