The Biggest Private Jet Companies in the World

The Biggest Private Jet Companies in the World
Courtesy of NetJets 

Would you like to fly in style? You should be aware of a number of private jet service providers recommended by Rich Report.  

As the number of private jet companies continues to grow, it can become increasingly difficult to understand them all.

It has been said that we are living in the golden age of private aviation at the moment. Taking to the skies with so many different options has never been easier, but sometimes, too many options can make things confusing, especially when considering how diverse the biggest private jet companies are.

Businesses are trying to simplify the process and offer on-demand flights, whenever and wherever, with minimal fuss, as they promise the best services and solutions.

We've identified the biggest companies and their services to help travelers understand the different options available worldwide.


The world's largest and oldest private jet operator, NetJets was founded in 1964. Courtesy of NetJets

As the oldest and largest private jet operator in the world, NetJets was founded in 1964. Among its 700 aircraft, NetJets specializes in fractional ownership (and is proud to be the first operator to offer it), but it also offers jet cards and leases for travelers looking for more options.

The NetJets Jet Cards are sold in 25-hour blocks and promise instant access to aircraft, whereas the NetJets Shares Programs allow travelers to buy shares in specific aircraft, based on the number of available hours. If you would like to avoid the upfront cost of NetJets Share, you can choose the Lease program instead.

There is a large fleet of aircraft from NetJets that can accommodate all requirements, ranging from the Embraer Phenom 300 in the light jet category, up to the Bombardier Global 7500, which can accommodate up to 14 passengers. Besides the wide variety of aircraft and a wide array of membership options, NetJets has long been a favorite among frequent fliers with its level of service, which guarantees the same level of personalized service regardless of which program you choose to join.


The largest privately owned Bombardier fleet in the world is available to VistaJet members. All aircraft feature VistaJet's signature exterior and interior detailing. Courtesy of VistaJet

There are two types of memberships offered by VistaJet: Direct and Program. Members have the option to book flights directly through the VistaJet app with preferential access to empty leg flights, or they can choose the Program option, which guarantees access to a business jet anywhere and anytime.

Additionally, the European operator offers both a personal and corporate lease program for customers who want to fly more frequently. VistaJet's Dynamic Jet Lease offers flexible term lengths, with a minimum lease of one month and up to 50 hours of flying time plus a top-up option.

As the largest privately owned Bombardier fleet in the world, VistaJet offers its members access to over 70 aircraft with VistaJet's signature exterior and interior detailing. The company also offers bespoke, once-in-a-lifetime itineraries around the world, positioning itself as more than just a jet operator.

Wheels Up

Courtesy of Aviation Today

As a Wheels Up member or customer, you have access to over 1,500 aircraft that have been safety vetted and verified.

Wheels Up has already become one of the biggest private jet companies on the market despite only being founded in 2013. With the announcement of a partnership between Wheels Up and Delta Private Jets in 2019, both companies' customers can enjoy the perks and benefits of each.

As a US-based company, Wheels Up offers three types of memberships: Connect, Core and Business. From entry-level to fully comprehensive, Wheels Up offers a membership to meet the needs of every type of traveler, whether they are traveling for business or pleasure.

Members and customers of Wheels Up have access to more than 1,500 safety-vetted and verified aircraft, including the KingAir350i, one of the company's most exclusive jets.

Jet Linx

A large and diverse fleet of aircraft is available through Jet Linx. Courtesy of Jet Linx

The Jet Linx business jet service offers one of the most personal business jet services in the market - and with private terminals in 19 US cities, it is also one of the most convenient. Jet Linx provides aircraft management and acquisition services in addition to jet card packages.

Dedicated to local service, Jet Linx's jet card memberships can be tailored to each customer's needs. A member can expect to be on first-name terms with the pilots, crew, and concierge team, creating a level of personalized service that is hard to find elsewhere.

With over 100 jets in its fleet, the operator claims to have one of the largest and most diverse fleets in the US. From light jets to heavy jets, Jet Linx guarantees a suitable aircraft for every situation, with members always able to choose the exact type of jet they want.


With its digital marketplace, XO has brought unmatched convenience to the private aviation industry. Courtesy of XO

XO was launched by Vista Global in 2019 and brings unmatched convenience to the private aviation industry. By using their smartphones to book a flight, secure a seat on an existing flight or sign up for XO membership, XO acts as a digital marketplace.

Through filling the gap in the market for on-demand business flights, XO has quickly become one of the largest private jet companies, with over 1,500 jets available to members. With multiple membership options and various flying hours, XO caters to every type of traveler, no matter whether they fly once a week or once a year, and offers pay-as-you-go options as well.

Additionally, XO allows travelers to share a chartered flight with another traveler - even if they are not a member - to make private aviation more accessible and affordable (and sustainable).


There are three exclusive airport terminals operated by FlexJet across the United States. Courtesy of Flexjet

Flexjet has over 140 aircraft in its fleet and offers a variety of services, such as fractional ownership and jet cards. There are currently four private terminals operated by the American operator - Naples and Palm Beach in Florida, Van Nuys in California, and Westchester County Airport in New York - with plans to expand in both countries.

With Flexjet's Red Label membership, customers have access to crews dedicated to only one aircraft, some of the latest and most modern aircraft in the world, and the exclusive LXi Cabin Collection of artisan aircraft interiors for the most premium level of personalized service.

Additionally, Flexjet's exclusive LXi collection is available only to Red Label members. There are over 40 aircraft within this collection, each with a unique cabin interior, designed to bridge the gap between owning and chartering for a more comfortable and personal experience.

Magellan Jets

Creating an experience that resembles jet ownership, the Magellan Jet Card is fully customizable. Courtesy of Magellan Jets

Typical of most private jet companies, Magellan Jets offers a wide range of services to meet the unique travel needs of its customers. A Magellan Jet Card can be tailored to suit how and when you want to fly, creating an experience that is as close to jet ownership as possible.

Alternatively, travelers can pay a sign-on fee to lock in their hourly price through the Membership option. In addition, members are able to participate in Magellan's carbon offset program and pay as they go. Lastly, Magellan's on-demand charter option allows travelers to access jets on a trip-by-trip basis, utilizing its network of thousands of jets.

Providing a completely personalized level of service, Magellan employs aviation consultants who work with customers every step of the way to help them find the most suitable and cost-effective travel option.


Courtesy of GlobeAir 

GlobeAir is a firm favorite among European private jet travelers based in Hörsching, Austria. Over 900 European destinations are covered by the operator's fleet of Cessna Citation Mustang jets, including London, Monaco, Geneva and Paris, with a focus on fast, convenient, and reliable private travel at reasonable prices.

With a round-the-clock travel concierge, GlobeAir's online booking system allows passengers to charter a jet or access empty legs at just a few days' notice. Each GlobeAir booking also provides a one-click option to offset flights as part of its Planet A initiative.

GlobeAir also offers an exclusive jet card program in addition to its on-demand jet charter service. Both individuals and businesses can benefit from the One Million Jet Card, which offers 400 flight hours, a bespoke pricing scheme, guaranteed 12-hour access, and unlimited empty legs.

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