The amphibious center console of Iguana Yachts

The amphibious center console of Iguana Yachts
Courtesy by Iguana Yachts

Whether sprinting across the sea at 48 knots or walking on the beach, the Iguana Sport is fast and versatile.

A top speed of 48 knots is reported for the Iguana Sport, which has a maximum power of 700 horsepower.

The Iguana Sport is an amphibious-landing center console that combines the best attributes of Iguana Yachts' existing Iguana range. 

It is equipped with Iguana Yachts' landing-gear system, which works like retractable tank treads for landings on everything from soft sand and mud to rocky shores. Beach landings are also possible with the Iguana Sport in seas as high as four feet. With dual optional Mercury 350 hp outboards, the Iguana Sport can handle up to 700 horsepower. Outboards with a maximum power of 300 hp are the standard configuration. A hard chine runs from the bow to the transom of the hull, and the undercarriage has dual strakes both sides of the centerline.

It's For: Boaters who want 48-knot top speeds as well as the ability to land on any coastline and climb slopes up to 22 degrees.

Picture this: It's a gorgeous summer day on Nantucket, Massachusetts, and the kids are eager to explore the island. Load up your Iguana Sport and head north to Great Point Lighthouse before turning south toward Eel Point. The boat's integrated tracks are deployed as soon as you cut the throttle. You and your partner are left alone a few precious moments after your shortest crew members scramble down the folding transom ladder to play in the surf.  

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