Ritz-Carlton's Upcoming Superyacht to Set Sail Next Year: Discover the Luxurious Destinations on Its Itinerary

Ritz-Carlton's Upcoming Superyacht to Set Sail Next Year: Discover the Luxurious Destinations on Its Itinerary
Courtesy of Ritz-Carlton

Reservations for Ilma, the second ship in The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, are now being accepted.

There was a lot of excitement after booking tickets for a cruise on The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, Evrima, but now the company has opened reservations for its second superyacht, Ilma, which was released just last week and is named after the Maltese word for water. But we will soon have another new ship to look forward to as well.

Ilma is expected to make its inaugural trek between Athens and Haifa, Israel, during September 2024. The vessel will carry up to 456 passengers in a total of 228 suites, each of which will have a private balcony, on a seven-night voyage.

As well as the spacious suites at Evrima, Ilma will include an additional suite option that is 1,000 square feet in size, which is much larger than the suites available at Evrima. The interior design of the yacht was also done by London-based interior designers AD Associates, lighting designer DPA and Finnish yacht studio Aivan in addition to the work of AD Associates.

Courtesy of Ritz-Carlton

In spite of the fact that the ship is designed to look and feel like a yacht, there are many amenities onboard, including five restaurants as well as 24-hour in-room dining, six bars (including one with a wine vault and a cigar lounge on board with an onboard humidor), a Ritz-Carlton Spa, a pool, a boutique, and even a Ritz Kids Club. 

Additionally, there is also a marina deck on Evrima that is open to the ocean with direct access to the water, which makes this a great addition to the resort.

"We are thrilled to open reservations for Ilma to the public and unveil our inaugural season of itineraries," said Doug Prothero, CEO of The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, in a statement released.

"With a relaxed sailing pace and more overnights in port, our 2024 Mediterranean season underscores the essence of the yachting lifestyle, giving guests more time to truly immerse themselves in the vibrant cultures, local cuisines, and natural beauty of the region."

A seven-night cruise on the Ilma, according to Rich Report, is expected to cost around $7,400 per person, which includes port calls in Monaco's Monte Carlo, Italy's Amalfi Coast, and Spain's Canary Islands.

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