Rich Report Introduces You TO BAAZ B5

Rich Report Introduces You TO BAAZ B5
Courtesy by Baaz

With its folding inwards wings, German start-up Baaz claims to be able to offer greater payload and range than other eVTOL aircraft while retaining operational flexibility. Initially, the all-electric version of the aircraft would have range of up to 200 km (125 miles), with a possible hydrogen-powered version later extending this to 350 km (219 miles). The design of the five-seat B5 also features five sets of distinctive ducted propellers.

Based on its assumptions that it will have a full-scale prototype ready for flight tests by early 2023, the small, privately funded company aims to achieve type certification for the aircraft by the end of 2025. A patent application has been filed for Baaz's folding wings and propulsion system, and another for its battery cooling system is being prepared.

As technology integrator in charge of designing and assembling the aircraft, Baaz will outsource a majority of major components and systems to other companies. It plans to participate in initial commercial operations, like other developers of eVTOL aircraft.

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