Revolutionary Electric Motorcycles: Exclusive 10-Minute Quick Charge Feature

Revolutionary Electric Motorcycles: Exclusive 10-Minute Quick Charge Feature
Courtesy of Lightning Motorcycles

A fast-charging silicon-anode battery pack will be available for the LS-218 and the Strike from Enevate.

There are a number of reasons why Lightning Motorcycle's new electric bikes are so interesting, but what really drew our attention was the fact that they come with their own battery packs.

It has recently been announced that Enevate, a company based in California, will have its fast-charging battery packs available for its upcoming LS-218 superbike and Strike sportsbike, according to Rich Report. 

It is because of this that the bikes are able to be re-charged in approximately one third of the time it takes to charge up the battery of their electric counterparts since they are able to be recharged in approximately one third of the time.

In the near future, we may be able to solve some of the range anxiety still associated with electric motorcycles with the superhigh-density silicon-anode batteries that Enevate is developing. 

Lighting's new models have the option to be upgraded with the brand's new 24 kWh battery packs, which are of the same size as the 20 kWh batteries Lightning normally uses because of their high density and are made from the same type of cells as those used by other brands. 

This upgrade is available as an option on most of Lightning's new models. In the current market, this technology has been used in a number of electric vehicles, including the Stirke and the LS-218.

Courtesy of Lightning Motorcycles

The extra 4 kWh of power gives both bikes a significant boost in their range as a result of the extra power. During a recent test on Interstate 5 in California, Lightning's chief executive, Richard Hatfield, told the website that after testing the bike's range at 70 miles an hour, the company was able to reach "150 to 170 miles of range at 70 miles an hour". 

One of the most impressive features of this electric bike is the ability to recharge the battery to 80 percent capacity (or 135 miles) in just 10 minutes, which is a great deal faster than other electric bikes that take half an hour to recharge the battery.

Courtesy of Lightning Motorcycles

The catch, of course, is that there is a catch. In order to take full advantage of the battery pack's fast-charging capability, you will need a Level 3 charger. It is still worth it to have access to an electric bike, however, because you can recharge it in not that much longer than it takes to fill up a traditional motorcycle's fuel tank, if you do have access to one.

Those interested in reserving Lightning's new models can do so through the company's website (both bikes require a deposit of $10,000 in order to reserve). You can expect the price tag for each motorcycle to increase by about $8,000 due to the Enevate battery packs.

As a result, I believe the Strike will cost about $28,000, while the LS-218 should cost around $46,000.

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