Private Jet Terminal Opened by Magellan Jets in Massachusetts

Private Jet Terminal Opened by Magellan Jets in Massachusetts
At Hanscom Field, Massachusetts, the private jet terminal. Courtesy of Magellan Jets

There is a plan by the provider to launch an Aircraft Sales and Management division in order to meet the demands of the soaring market.

Keeping pace with the growing demand for private aviation, Magellan Jets recently opened a new private jet terminal at Hanscom Field in Massachusetts, as well as establishing an Aircraft Sales and Management division to assist customers with all their aircraft requirements in order to meet their needs.

There is an established Boston-based provider of private aviation solutions that already offers a wide range of services, including jet cards, pay-as-you-go memberships, as well as charter flights, among many other things. 

In addition, our newly established Aircraft Sales & Management division will make it even easier for prospective and existing aircraft owners to acquire, manage and maintain their aircrafts, with the help of the new division.

Courtesy of Magellan Jets

“For those customers whose needs have evolved to require more usage, control, and consistency, we’re pleased to continue to add value to their portfolio with our Aircraft Sales & Management services,” Joshua Herbert, CEO and founder of Magellan Jets, said.

The clients will have access to VIP parking and a dedicated staff member. Courtesy of Magellan Jets

Moreover, a new private jet terminal has also been opened at Magellan Jets' home base airport in Bedford, Massachusetts, where Magellan Jets operates its largest market and where it is the company's largest market, the Laurence G Hanscom Field.

As a client, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of VIP parking, a dedicated member of staff who will handle any needs you may have, as well as access to a private lounge with a fully stocked bar so you can make the most of your time. Business travelers will have the opportunity to conduct meetings in the new executive conference room while they wait for their flights in a relaxed and comfortable setting while waiting for their flights.

Courtesy of Magellan Jets

It is also anticipated that Magellan's Aircraft Sales & Management division will be based at Hanscom Field, allowing the company's agents to display its jets and to provide guidance on how their aircraft should be operated on a daily basis so that they can realize optimal financial results for their clients.

“As a trusted partner sitting on the same side of the table as the customer, Magellan will guide prospective owners through the complex purchasing process, then work with them – or with those who already own aircraft – to craft a personalized management plan,” Tivnan, founder and president of Magellan Jets, explained.

“Because of our existing platform of charter and program solutions, we can guarantee aircraft owners charter revenue income to help offset their ownership cost. Owners will also have access to Magellan’s full product portfolio for any supplemental flight needs, providing them with a limitless number of resources at their disposal.”

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