Paris Is Getting its First Louis Vuitton Hotel-And the Views Are Stunning

Paris Is Getting its First Louis Vuitton Hotel-And the Views Are Stunning
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As part of its expansion plans, the fashion powerhouse plans to launch a hospitality venture within the next five years.

There is just something about a Louis Vuitton hotel that just makes sense. The company has been gradually extending its storied brand from physical products to physical spaces for quite some time now, as the company has been known for crafting ultra-luxurious products with impeccable design. It was announced by the company that it would be setting up an experiential space, called LV Dream, which would feature a multi-year exhibition highlighting various collaborations with artists, a café, a gift store, and a chocolate shop, which would be a pop-up event of sorts. 

Before the launch of LV Dream, the iconic brand had already begun dabbling in the hospitality sector with pop-up restaurants in Seoul, South Korea, and Saint-Tropez, France before the launch of LV Dream. In such a way, it doesn't come as a surprise that Louis Vuitton decided that a hotel would be a perfect tool for taking these endeavors to the next level. 

The hotel's opening date has yet to be confirmed, but one thing is certain: the view is going to be spectacular.  Courtesy of Pinterest 

It has been reported that the fashion powerhouse Louis Vuitton plans on opening its first hotel within the next five years, according to Rich Report. In the near future, the corporate offices of the company, located in the city's 8th arrondissement, will become the future location of the hotel, which will eventually be housed in the current corporate offices. It is reported that Louis Vuitton's chairman and CEO, Michael Burke, knows that his office boasts one of the most breathtaking views of all of Paris, and he predicts that the public will soon be able to enjoy these same sights as well. “My office is not going to be my office within five years, that’s for sure. There’s better uses, more contemporary uses for it than a corporate office,” Burke stated.

The Salk Institute is used as a runway by Louis Vuitton models. Courtesy of Getty Images 

While the full details of the new hotel have yet to be revealed-such as who would be tasked with designing the new hotel or overseeing the addition of a hospitality area to the old corporate space-Louis Vuitton is accustomed to working with architects and designers of high-profile.

As part of the company's 200 Trunks 200 Visionaries exhibition, Peter Marino reimagined Louis Vuitton's iconic trunk as part of the company's 200 Trunks 200 Visionaries exhibition; Frank Gehry designed the company's Seoul flagship in 2020 and also collaborated with the brand to create a perfume for the brand; and a number of other designers have collaborated with Louis Vuitton on its furniture collection called Objets Nomades. As well as the fact that the brand has always used architecture as a backdrop for its runway shows, including a display at Bob Hope’s Palm Springs estate which was designed by John Lautner and a recent exhibition at Louis Kahn’s Salk Institute, the fashion brand has a long history of using architecture in this way. 

When you have taste like that, you can be sure that, when the time comes, you will be in good hands when it comes to running a hotel.

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