Our first impressions of Nobu Marrakech, Morocco

Our first impressions of Nobu Marrakech, Morocco
Courtesy of Nobu Marrakech

Nobu hotel is adding to the reasons why Moroccan winter sun should be on your winter wishlist with a new property on a new continent.

A new Nobu has arrived on the African continent, and it is the first of its kind. For Rich Report, this is a place to bookmark for a weekend enjoying the vibrant city of Marrakech, perfectly suited to its surroundings. 

In the circular entrance hall, a towering Japanese Bonsai tree creates a calming focal point and soft respite from the busy streets outside. From the surrounding passageways, you can reach the famous restaurant, a bar, and 71 suites. In the basement, you'll find the Pearl spa - a well-being space designed within the curvaceous architecture and named after its former owner. For the real piece of resistance, climb up to the rooftop. As the day falls into night, it's easy to lose all sense of time with its Mediterranean-inspired aesthetic, chilled out beach bar-esque soundtrack, and panoramic views.

Courtesy of Nobu Marrakech

What happened in the past

As of 2022, Nobu has taken over the building, which dates back to 2010, and has added a rooftop pool, bar, and restaurant. The underground sanctuary, which was once known as a spa hotel, is still a key part of the hotel's identity. 

Nobu Suite at Nobu Marrakech. Courtesy of Nobu Marrakech

Rooms of the guests

The Marrakech hotel's bedrooms are a reflection of the surrounding area, unlike Nobu's brightly lit, clean-lined properties. There are dark wooden wardrobes embellished with glittering pattern work, fabrics in deep aubergine and merlot hues, and rustic bathroom tiles that pay homage to traditional Moroccan architecture. With subtle continuations that draw from traditional culture, it makes a unique addition to Nobu's portfolio without a glossy aesthetic. 

Courtesy of Nobu Marrakech

A food and drink menu

It's no secret that Nobu gives its named hotels a distinctive identity, and this time it's on the ground floor. The room features an open kitchen, angular wooden partitions that provide privacy, and orb-shaped pendant lighting that casts low light. As for the food, it's undoubtedly delicious; salmon sashimi and black cod are two of the menu's mainstays. Enjoy traditional poolside options like pizza, pasta, and small plates as well as Moroccan cuisine on the roof. If you're into good branding, look for wine and soft drink bottles that are visually appealing as well as delicious. Cocktails are creative and varied, and you'll also find that they are available in a variety of flavors. 

Courtesy of Nobu Marrakech

The area around them

If immersion in the local culture is what you're looking for, there is no better location than just steps from the city's medina and souks. A concierge can arrange drivers, tour guides, and day trips to the mountains (just an hour away by car), as well as camel or quad bike rides in the desert followed by a sunset picnic. 

The Services They Provide

In addition to Nobu's impeccable service, the staff are abundant in number and generous with their time. Cocktails and traditional Moroccan mint tea are served as welcome drinks. You can sink into each cloudlike mattress whatever time you walk through the door thanks to the nightly turn-down service. 

Courtesy of Nobu Marrakech

A commitment to the environment

You might notice the odd avoidable use of plastic aside from the preservation of historic architecture and interior features.

Designed for families

You are welcome to bring your children or babies.

Any other points to add? There is no doubt that it is worth making time for the spa. Indoors, there's an indoor pool (one of three) that's 27 metres long and heated, with mesmerizing light projections across the tiled walls, and a relaxation room that's perfect for post-massage recuperation. Bringing dull skin back to life with a Hammam treatment is an excellent way to keep things on-theme. 

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