One of LA's best chefs will provide you with a lesson on how to prepare soft scrambled eggs with caviar

One of LA's best chefs will provide you with a lesson on how to prepare soft scrambled eggs with caviar
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Bicyclette, Walter Manzke's latest Parisian bistro, serves up an exciting appetizer.

Among the most famous dishes in haute French cuisine is the Arpege Egg, named for the Parisian restaurant where Alain Passard developed the dish. It is now a global phenomenon that has spread around the world over the last few decades, and chefs have obviously taken their liberties when it comes to how it is served. It consists of a soft-poached egg yolk served inside a shell with cream, sherry vinegar, and maple syrup. There is a farm egg with lemon crème fraiche on David Kinch's menu; a date with Applewood-smoked butter and onion cream on James Syhabout's menu; and a caviar topped version on Josiah Citrin's menu at Michelin two-star Melisse.

There is a slight twist to what chef Walter Manzke is doing at his new Parisian bistro in Los Angeles, Bicyclette. While he has the razor-cut egg shell filled with a cooked egg, he also makes use of another great tradition: soft scrambled eggs and caviar with a razor-cut egg shell. Instead of layered egg and cream like in Arpege, he serves his at Bicyclette with crème fraiche and smoked sturgeon folded in with the scrambled eggs. There is a generous dollop of caviar atop the egg mixture, which cuts through the brininess of the egg mixture and contrasts well with the creamy filling.

I would like to share with you Mr. Manzke's recipe, which he has shared with us for you to try at home. One of the most important tips he gives is that you should use the best eggs, with golden yolks. As well as serving this dish with Champagne that Manzke gives you.

Soft Scrambled Egg with Kaluga caviar, Smoked Sturgeon and Chives

  • 1 organic egg (scrambled with a few drops of milk)
  • 10 g Rodolphe Le Meunier butter
  • 10 g crème fraiche
  • 20 g smoked sturgeon (diced small)
  • As desired diced chives
  • 1 pinch piment d’espelette
  • Caviar
  • Salt to taste

Using the "egg topper" tool/cutter, carefully remove the top arch of an egg, and make sure to cut it evenly, and ensure that the edge of the egg is level when you make the cut. Rinse the shell thoroughly with hot water, and then invert it so that it dries. Set aside in a safe place until the time is right to use the egg.


The golden egg should be mixed with just a few drops of milk in a small bowl, and then whisked to scramble it.

The butter should be gently heated over medium heat in a small pot or non-stick pan. Add the eggs and gently cook with a small whisk while whisking to gently cook the eggs. This process should not be done over high heat or on a very hot pan as it will not yield the soft texture you want to achieve. The best way to achieve this is to gently heat your pan on and off the heat while it is cooking. Depending on the type of cooking vessel and the heat source you use, it should take roughly 3 minutes.

You should be extremely careful not to overcook the eggs. Keep them a little runny as the eggs start to coagulate. You can add a pinch of pepper, diced smoked sturgeon, and the crème fraiche after the eggs begin to coagulate.

Incorporate the ingredients and whisk until homogeneous, then add the chives just before serving as a finishing touch.

The hollowed out eggshell should be filled with soft scrambled egg, just below the opening, using a small spoon.

Put your eggshell into an egg holder or into a small container full of salt that will keep your eggshell stable while you are removing it from the container.

Enjoy your Kaluga caviar and more chopped chives on top of this delicious dish.

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