One More Sportiva 55—Sold!

One More Sportiva 55—Sold!
The Tankoa Sportiva 55 has a main-deck master stateroom. Courtesy by Yachts Croatia

Tankoa Yachts in Italy has scheduled delivery of Hull No. 2 in 2024 for its Sportiva 55.


The Tankoa Sportiva 55 has a main-deck master stateroom. Courtesy by Yachts Croatia

A 180-foot superyacht designed by Luca Dini has been sold by Tankoa Yachts in Italy. Delivery to the owners is scheduled for 2024.

It was announced just after the yard launched Hull No. 5 in its 50-meter series that Hull No. 2 of the Sportiva 55 had been sold.

Tankoa T55 Sportiva for Sale | Romeo United Yachts
Courtesy by Romeo United Yachts

Giuseppe Mazza, Tankoa sales and marketing manager, stated in a press release that the second all-aluminum Sportiva 55 sold in less than a year will be sold to a young European owner who is passionate about yachting. With eight projects under construction for delivery between now and 2025, “I am proud to see that the commercial strategy undertaken three years ago is delivering the expected results, and we are on the right path to becoming a major player on the superyacht market.”

A beach club and swimming pool will be available belowdecks, along with a "Nemo room" and an elevator on the new Sportiva 55.

“In spite of all the political and economic uncertainty, 2022 has been a very fruitful year for Tankoa,” company President Eva Orsi said.

Sportiva 55 has a gross weight of under 500 tons.

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