Oceanco's Latest Yacht Design 'Aeolus' Unveiled: A Radical Masterpiece in Luxury Yachting

Oceanco's Latest Yacht Design 'Aeolus' Unveiled: A Radical Masterpiece in Luxury Yachting
The name Aeolus is derived from the Ancient Greek wind god. Courtesy of Oceanco

In the first day of the Dubai International Boat Show, the Aeolus boat was unveiled. It was one of the most anticipated boats of the show.

During the Ancient Greek period, the ruler of the winds, Aeolus, kept the devastating storm winds inside the dark cavernous depths of his island in order to protect it.

As the friend of the gods and champion of human seafarers and explorers, Aeolus also finds an appropriate heir in Oceanco's latest yacht design, the Aeolus, which made its world debut at Dubai International Boat Show 2023.

Rich Report is  pleased to introduce the Aeolus yacht, which is fully aligned with Oceanco's NXT initiative, as it reflects our ever-evolving relationship with the environment as well as our personal lifestyle, resulting in a yacht experience that has pioneered authentic sustainability on the waters, without ever sacrificing efficiency or beauty.

It seems that Giles Taylor overlooked the sleek and futuristic exterior design of Aeolus, themes that interior designer Njord by Bergman Design House reflected throughout the yacht itself.

Courtesy of Oceanco

“Aeolus’s design sculpture is harmonious and borne of the function and flow envisaged for her future owner,” said Taylor.

“Her curves do not make her overly feminine because there is a masculine quality to her bold, forthright architecture. Apart from the deck surfaces themselves, not one surface is flat or brutally geometric, which provides a unique aesthetic that sets Aeolus apart.”

Courtesy of Oceanco

In its design, there is a nod to the J Class sailing yachts that have defined the maritime industry for most of the last century, and they are at the heart of the ship, which measures at 420 feet in length and 59 feet in beam.

Two of Aeolus' forward-orientated buttresses provide guests with a gorgeous view of the sea from the hull, which is complemented by two forward-oriented buttresses. 

As well as offering stunning vistas across the seas on all three decks, the interior is composed of fully sustainable and traceable materials, including biomaterials, to show Oceanco's commitment to sustainability, while at the same time providing a product that is both luxurious and homely at the same time.

Courtesy of Oceanco

“Organic nature, sensual being and playfulness played a big part of Aeolu’s design, bringing that exterior language to her interior for a soft and cocooning feeling,” explained Sarah Colbon, one of the co-founders of Njord.

“Every element has been rigorously considered, including sourcing and traceability of materials and working with some of the world’s most innovate artisans in biomaterials and sustainable development.”

Courtesy of Oceanco

In designing Aeolus, which is built with the concept of a ‘home away from home’, we created it to be the boat of choice for yacht owners who wish to turn their boat into a private retreat for their friends and family, a true sanctuary on the seas. Like its namesake, Aeolus is the boat for those who do not wish to control the seas, but rather to explore them.

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