Oceanco Reveals Radical Restoration of Superyacht

Oceanco Reveals Radical Restoration of Superyacht
The Oceanco 1050H superyacht has been updated. Courtesy of Oceanco

Dutch yacht company Hasse has come up with a completely new concept for the 21st century which is a truly ground-breaking innovation.

In collaboration with Reymond Langton Design, Oceanco has relaunched the 344-ft superyacht Project 1050H, a renovation that includes a completely new superstructure as well as a fresh interior, the latter being a product of the company's collaboration.

There is no doubt that the radical remodel of the superyacht, which was revealed at the end of January, is significant because it is the first time a superyacht has undergone such a radical and comprehensive remodel that no single element from the former vessel remains.

Known for its flair for innovation, the unveiling of such a mammoth project for the Dutch yacht builder is a resounding victory for a company known for its ability to experiment with new concepts.

Courtesy of Oceanco

“To say that this has been a remarkable process is an understatement,” says Marcel Onkenhout, the CEO of Oceanco. “The project has called for passion, dedication and extraordinary craftmanship, with many involved in her creation now contributing to her recreation, including myself. 

“We are proud to say that we are relaunching a completely new Oceanco,” Onkenhout concluded. 

The Oceanco brand is already known for its flair for experimentation. Courtesy of Oceanco

In addition to the aesthetic makeover that has propelled Project 1050H into 2023's expectations of modern luxury and has helped propel the yacht into the future, other work has been undertaken to transform the yacht into the type of vessel of the future, including new technology and safety features. Furthermore, she has an operational profile that meets the rigorous standards set by the IMO Tier III classification system.

Courtesy of Oceanco

Oceanco says that the unparalleled scale of the transformation of the superyacht can be attributed to a new discourse within the industry regarding the identity of a yacht and its potential for development in the future.

“It is about seeing the potential for all vessels, rather than starting from a blank sheet of paper each time,” adds Richard Hein, who represents the project's independent owners. 

Courtesy of Oceanco

“A yacht is more than just the materialization of an owner’s vision. It has its own character, its own specific habitat, with a unique purpose and story. Through the achievements of this project, we have been able to extend the story of a remarkable superyacht for decades to come.”

There is a growing awareness of the need to protect the environment, as the shipyard points out, so this comes at a time when the industry is grappling with its impact on the environment, and clients are becoming more concerned about sustainability as a primary concern.

By updating a pre-existing superyacht in a restorative, holistic fashion, Oceanco has set a precedent of successful innovation that will inevitably raise the stakes and challenge pre-existing norms across the industry in an unprecedented manner.

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