Nintendo-Tag Heuer Collaboration Watch Features Super Mario Stars

Nintendo-Tag Heuer Collaboration Watch Features Super Mario Stars
Courtesy of Nintendo Life

Connected watch users are rewarded with the 80s video game character.

Video games and high-end watchmaking seem like polar opposites at first glance. The latter uses laborious processes that are often centuries old to make mechanical timepieces.

In contrast, the latter is a fast-paced digital pastime born in the 1980s. With the internet, gaming has grown in popularity, and in 2020, it went super mainstream when millions discovered the social connections online made possible by pandemic-induced lockdowns.

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This seemingly opposing world is coming together now. The company's Connected watch was released on Tuesday in collaboration with Nintendo, whose beloved Super Mario character has been a staple of video game culture since the company released Super Mario Bros. The watch's dial displays a message that encourages and rewards users for achieving their activity goals every time.

In 2019, Tag Heuer's CEO, Frédéric Arnault, led a brainstorming session with his team at Baselworld and decided to incorporate a gaming element into the brand's Connected watch.

It seemed logical to choose Nintendo's Super Mario franchise after surveying the video game industry.

Courtesy of Tag Heuer

As the first model in the brand’s long-term collaboration with Nintendo, available for $2,100 at select Tag Heuer boutiques and at, Mario is transformed into a wellness champion in his trademark red cap and blue overalls. Increasing the number of steps marked and rewarded by Mario on the dial along with animations that become more lively as the level of activity increases, marks and rewards users' progress.

As the day progresses, and you reach each step target, Mario salutes you. The dial changes animation with each reward.

Courtesy of Tag Heuer

A retro dial featuring elements from 1985 Super Mario Bros is included in the Connected watch faces from Tag Heuer, which feature Mario on four different dials. The Heuer 02 watch face features Super Mario's signature red and blue colors, and a subtler style references Mario's red cap. The orbital face also features iconic elements from Super Mario's neural network.

However, fans of Super Mario won't only find references to the character on the dial, but elsewhere as well. In addition to his iconic symbols on the bezel at three, six, and nine, the watch's lacquered red color decorates the bezel, push buttons, and crown logo; a choice of two interchangeable straps is provided with the steel case. On the strap buckles and crowns, Mario's M symbol is engraved. The elegant style features black leather on red rubber, while the sporty one is made of matching red perforated rubber.

Courtesy of Tag Heuer

Super Mario fan Arnault believes the limited edition will appeal to a wide audience of watch enthusiasts.

At Heritage's Video Games auction on Sunday, the most expensive video game ever sold at auction sold for $1.56 million, making it the most valuable Super Mario memorabilia ever sold.

Whether Tag Heuer will create digital-only watches is yet to be seen given the growing interest among young gamers in metaverses. Metaverses offer virtual experiences and assets similar to those in real life.

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