Lilium's eVTOL Aircraft Will Be Controlled By Collins Aerospace's Sidestick Flight Controls

Lilium's eVTOL Aircraft Will Be Controlled By Collins Aerospace's Sidestick Flight Controls
Courtesy by Lilium

Inceptor sidestick controls will be provided by Collins Aerospace for the Lilium Jet eVTOL aircraft. Their engineers will collaborate on developing inceptors that are as safe and reliable as equipment already in service on commercial aircraft, according to an agreement announced on February 23.

The Lilium Jet's flight deck will include two sidesticks that will be integrated with Honeywell Aerospace's avionics and flight control computers. Weight reduction and space reduction are key design goals for the single-pilot aircraft, which will be controlled by both inceptors.

Lilium's chief operating officer Yves Yemsi said, "Our partnership with Collins Aerospace allows us to benefit from their five decades of experience in flight deck controls." In addition to strengthening our path to certification and commercialization, our collaborative development approach allows us to reimagine the cockpit and pilot experience.  

Lilium's eVTOL aircraft development is being supported by a team of experienced aerospace companies based in Germany. Additionally, Honeywell is working with Japan's Denso on the electric motors that will be installed in the 30 ducted fan propulsion systems integrated with the main wing and canard. Batteries with silicon anodes are provided by CustomCells.

Additionally, manufacturers Aernnova ( flaps ), Astronics ( power distribution systems ), and ABB E-mobility ( fast-charging systems ) as well as Aciturri ( aerostructures ) and Toray ( composite materials ) have all contributed to the development of the aircraft.

“With our extensive experience in designing sidesticks, we are well positioned to tackle the challenge of redefining flight control philosophy in this new regional air mobility market,” said Jean-François Chanut, Collins Aerospace Propeller Systems vice president and general manager.

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