Lilium Jet Wiring System To Be Developed By Gkn Aerospace

Lilium Jet Wiring System To Be Developed By Gkn Aerospace
Courtesy by Lilium

Lilium's eVTOL aircraft will be equipped with an electrical wiring interconnection system (EWIS) provided by GKN Aerospace. Lilium announced January 31 that it would work with the aircraft systems group on designing, building, and integrating the low- and high-voltage wiring for the Lilium Jet. It is expected that the first production-ready aircraft will be assembled this year.

A GKN facility in the Netherlands will manufacture the EWIS hardware sets. Lilium's Oberpfaffenhofen factory will be supported by the company with on-site installation work.

Lilium has already appointed GKN to supply its eVTOL vehicle's propulsion system, battery cells, energy management system, electric motors, landing gear, charging equipment, cabin interiors, and aerostructures. Partner companies include Aernnova, Astronics, Honeywell, Denso, Expliseat, ABB, Acitturi, Toray, and CustomCells.

Lilium Jet's chief operating officer Yves Yemsi expressed his pride at bringing on another impressive aerospace player. The Lilium Jet's dedicated offer from GKN Aerospace impressed us because of its extensive experience developing certifiable EWIS systems."

As part of its partnership with Vertical Aerospace, GKN Aerospace produces wings and wiring for its VX4 eVTOL aircraft. Eviation's Alice all-electric aircraft's wings, empennage, and wiring were all provided by the group, which also develops hydrogen-electric propulsion systems for larger aircraft.

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