Light Up a Room with HYT's New Flow Watches

Light Up a Room with HYT's New Flow Watches
Courtesy of HYT

Turn your face toward the light.

A 10-year-old Swiss company called HYT, an experimental watchmaker that specializes in the design and manufacture of mechanical timepieces that incorporate liquids in order to indicate the time, just announced the introduction of two new models that incorporate light into the process.

A series of LED lights on the dial of the Flow pieces, namely the one bedecked in diamonds and the other featuring a vortex-like display, will power the jolt of electricity that is generated when the pusher in the 4 o'clock position is pressed. The LED lights will then be illuminated and flow into the dial as a series of LEDs.

A dedicated barrel spring, as well as a microgenerator, store and distribute the power needed to activate the LEDs, which will turn on in succession, like a wave, until the charge is depleted. As such, the complication will not affect the movement's accuracy or its 65-hour power reserve.

Courtesy of HYT


HYT's unique hydro-mechanical approach to horology shows time on both Flow pieces through liquids stored in capillaries.

This is a diamond-set model filled with a blue liquid, which contains a dome at 6 o'clock with a total of 73 gems totaling 1.7 carats, which are illuminated by a series of 13 LEDs that are positioned below, in order to highlight the beauty of the stones.

Another model replaces the diamond dome with a tapering vortex shape that leads to the bellows of the movement, where the black liquid which flows around the dial is stored, and eight LEDs are used to illuminate it.

As with all of HYT's watches, the Flow watches are crafted from stainless steel with a 51 mm case that does not have lugs. Each model adheres to the brand's philosophy of timekeeping in every way.

Courtesy of HYT

A limited edition of 25 pieces of each Flow timepiece is available. The diamond-set model retails for $149,000; the vortex model is $79,000.

When it comes to high-end luxury watches, HYT is a brand that consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation and design. Their newest release, the Flow watches, are no exception. These timepieces boast an eye-catching display of colorful liquid that flows through transparent tubes to mark the hours, minutes, and seconds. The fluid movement of the liquid creates a mesmerizing effect that is guaranteed to light up any room.

The Flow watches come in a range of different color schemes, including blue, green, and red, allowing you to find the perfect watch to match your personal style. Each watch features a bold, futuristic design, with a sleek black case and vibrant accents that make it stand out from other luxury watches on the market.

One of the most impressive features of the Flow watches is their innovative technology. The liquid used in the tubes is a specially formulated oil that has been engineered to be resistant to changes in temperature and pressure. This means that the liquid will always flow smoothly and accurately, regardless of the conditions it is exposed to.

Overall, HYT's Flow watches are a bold and striking addition to any luxury watch collection. They offer a unique blend of design and technology that is sure to impress anyone who sees them. If you're looking for a watch that will truly light up a room, look no further than HYT's Flow watches.

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