Joby's eVTOL Aircraft Has Successfully Flown

Joby's eVTOL Aircraft Has Successfully Flown
Courtesy of Joby Aviation‍‍

In order to complete the FAA's type certification program, Joby's eVTOL was audited in person over three days at Joby's Marina, California, facilities. 

The FAA assessed several aspects of Joey's eVTOL aircraft, such as the flight controls, propulsion controls, and battery management, during its first systems review in 2021. An area-specific certification plan, detailing the materials, seats, and occupant restraints within the airplane, was submitted to the FAA by Joby in March. 

"In this nascent market, certification is a key focus, and Joby is pleased to have successfully completed its second system review. In terms of system safety, redundancy, and overall aircraft architecture, we are confident that our aircraft design will meet FAA expectations.

As part of the airworthiness criteria it will use to evaluate Joby’s five-seat eVTOL aircraft, the FAA previously provided some insight into how it will certify Joby’s aircraft. Using a single charge, the aircraft can travel up to 150 miles (240 kilometers) and carry four passengers and one pilot. Besides operating this aircraft under Part 135 of the FAA's commercial rules, Joby intends to operate it under Part 91 of the FAA's private rules as well. Air taxi operations are expected to begin by 2025 after the company achieves type certification in late 2024. 

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