It's The Perfect Mini Crossbody Bag, The Hermès Evelyne TPM

It's The Perfect Mini Crossbody Bag, The Hermès Evelyne TPM
Hermès Evelyne Mini Bleu Nuit Wool. Courtesy of Sotheby’s

A brief history of the Hermes Evelyne

Hermès Evelyne Mini Nata. Courtesy of Sotheby’s 

It was created in 1978 by Evelyne Bertrand, the head of the Hermés riding department. She was initially responsible for designing the Hermés Evelyne bag as a convenient carryall for groomers of horses. Originally, the perforated H logo was designed to face inward, toward the body, as a method of ventilating the contents of the bag and keeping brushes and sponges dry. It was originally designed to face inward, towards the body. 

In the early 2000s, Hermès Evelyne bags were exclusively used by the riding department until they were transferred to the leather goods department and started being made available for Hermès bag lovers to add to their collection. As defined by the Sotheby’s team, this bag is casual and durable and one of Hermès' most versatile handbags. With its simple yet understated design, the Evelyne bag keeps your hands free and will keep your hands free.

Hermés Evelyne Mini

Hermès Evelyne Mini Etoupe Clemence. Courtesy of Sotheby’s

Since it is the smallest size of the Evelyne, the Hermès Evelyne TPM is sometimes referred to as the Hermès Evelyne Mini. In addition to holding a phone, a small compact wallet, keys, and a few other small essentials, the Evelyne TPM can also be worn cross-body. Its strap is long enough for its wear as a cross body bag. Hermès bags are unlined, and there are no interior pockets. They have a minimalist design that is instantly recognizable and popular with both established collectors and new generations of Hermès bag fans.

Hermès Evelyne TPM Materials

The Hermès Evelyne TPM is available in two types of leather, the Clemence and the Epsom, in addition to canvas and wool bags that have leather trim. There are also cotton canvas straps that have leather trim that can be fitted to the Hermès Evelyne TPM bag. Older Evelyne TPM bags did not have removable leather straps, whereas newer bags do have removable leather straps.

Hermès Evelyne Mini Bleu Nuit Wool. Courtesy of Sotheby’s

Hermès Evelyne TPM Price

It is a Hermès Evelyne TPM bag with a price tag of $1,800 in Hermès boutiques. Due to the popularity of the size and the demand for this bag, it will sell for a higher price on the secondary market if it is in excellent condition.

Hermès Evelyne TPM bags can be purchased at auction for a very high price depending on their condition and color. A Hermès Evelyne TPM bag that is old enough to sell for about $1,500 to $2,000 can be purchased at auction, and a newer bag may be worth $5,000 or more. The auction price for the Hermès Evelyne TPM is heavily influenced by the demand for certain colors that are not readily available anywhere else.

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