Italian Spas You Should Visit

Italian Spas You Should Visit
The Lefay Lake Garda. Courtesy of Lefay Resort & Spa 

Here are our picks for the best spa destinations in Italy.

Palazzo Fiuggi

Courtesy of Palazzo Fiuggi

Popes, princesses, Michelangelo, and even Popes have drank the thermal waters at Fuiggi, which are legendary for their healing qualities. Located just 50 minutes from Rome, this super smart, marble-clad medi-spa still encourages you to soak in the thalasso pools as well as sip on the water. In addition to Optimal Weight (bloating), Deep Detox (overindulging), and Immuno Boost (stress), the comprehensive week-long programmes cover most modern diseases. Virtual reality workouts that boost core strength are among the curative therapies. A wonderful sports and postural trainer, Armando Vinci, oversees the gym, which is located in the former ballroom.

Palace Merano

Courtesy of Palace Merano

In his fairytale palace retreat, founded 50 years ago, late dietician Dr Henri Chenot is often described as the founding father of the wellness movement. With 20 years of service and counting, the loyal medical director Dr Massimiliano Mayrhofer has mastered the art of reading people's pulses intuitively to diagnose their health problems. A battery of high-tech diagnostic tests examine everything from vascular health to posture to determine a customized wellness plan based on a clean diet, lymphatic drainage, and exercise. After Covid, a focus has been placed on enhancing emotional and physical strength through new Revital treatments. People delirious with exhaustion emerge from Palace Merano renewed and ready for life at full speed, rather than just a short-lived cosmetic experience.

Lefay Lake Garda

Courtesy of Lefay Resort & Spa

Even the most jaded spa-goers' heads will swivel when they see the mist-covered forests, mountains, and sweeping views of Lake Garda. During the last lockdown, the hotel completely renovated its interiors: white bedrooms feel comfortable rather than stark, and deep armchairs and panoramic views fill the lobby. It is an Italian hotel with a strong Asian influence, with authentic Moxibustion (burning mugwort on the skin to stimulate meridian points) and Tai Qi classes to help guests release physical and mental tension. Enjoy alfresco massages and Zazen Meditation (which helps overcome attachments to material things) on the five new wellness trails. It's all about discovering your sense of joie de vivre at Lefay.


Courtesy of Dolce Vita Hotels 

Preidlhof is a pinch-me kind of spa surrounded by the mountains of southern Tyrol, pastures and apple orchards. Moreover, it is the place where you can discover the best version of yourself. By skillfully combining purpose with pampering, Patricia Porter Lynn devises eight spa 'journeys' to rebirth frazzled souls. For deep breathing exercises and to channel heat across the body, sauna master Michael Niedermeier doses hot stones with essential oils in a six-floor sauna tower. There is no better place to unplug and unwind than the rooftop infinity pools or hiking in the woods. The best takeaway, though, is that you're sure to sleep like a baby after a week of clean Alpine air. 


Courtesy of Albereta 

In the middle of vine-covered hills and glorious manicured grounds, L'Alberta offers a breath of fresh air and a world away from Milan's bustle. On the other hand, you can stay at the Chenot center for a powerful reboot if you are not in the mood to feast. A combination of western medicine and alternative healing, the programmes range from energizing spa weekends to life-changing detoxes, all designed to boost both mental and physical well-being. By reducing calories and maintaining taste, the Chenot Diet promises to cleanse the body at the cellular level. Acupuncture treatments with electric pulses instead of needles give energy, while Chinese cupping removes wrinkles and smoothes fat pouches. Your spirits are lifted, your outlook is brighter, and you vow to return soon.


Courtesy of Mezzatorre 

You can see all the way to Naples from Mezzatorre's 16th-century watchtower on a clear day, but head down the staircase to the spa's bougainvillea-framed thermal center to enjoy a hydrotherapy pool with powerful jets and waterfalls that soothe any aches or niggles. As well as facials (please check out Bioloque Rechercher's new offering), colonics and ear cleansing rituals, the mineral-rich water has many other uses. Besides preventative medicine programs and aesthetic doctors (the Profhilo skin moisturiser injections give the skin a vibrant glow instantly, which is a must-see), the thermal water and local healing mud work wonders for respiratory ailments, rheumatism, and dermatitis.

Monastero Santa Rosa

Courtesy of Monastero Santa Rosa

There is still a church bell ringing upon your arrival here, even though the nuns moved out more than a century ago. Set amidst herb gardens that border a wonderfully dramatic infinity pool, the old convent is perched on the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. As part of the ecclesiastical feel, treatments use Santa Maria Novella products, which include healing herbal creams and balms originally made for Catherine de Medici by Florentine monks. It has vaulted ceilings, making it cool and quiet in the old wine cellar. The treatment rooms are ideal for a spine-tingling massage using hot candle wax, a nourishing bee-pollen facial or an Aloe Coulis body wrap with cooling poultices that soothe sunburns.

Borgo Egnazia

Courtesy of Trip Advisor

A multigenerational reunion can be held at this striking limestone compound nestled among olive groves. There are elegant two-storey townhouses in the Borgo village, far enough away from the main hotel that families are welcome. You can also escape to the cool, cavernous Vair spa buried deep within the hotel's belly thanks to a comprehensive kids' club. They aim to change negative mindsets, maximize happiness, and make you fitter through their spa programme. With the new 'Muvt' programme (available for three or six days), guests will reconnect with nature through mindfulness sessions, happiness workshops, and outdoor training. 

The Capri Palace Medical Spa 

Courtesy of Capri Medical Spa

The spa's famous Leg School is a favorite of A-listers such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Elizabeth Hurley, and Julia Roberts. Professor Canonaco specializes in diets and treating vascular diseases, offering therapies to address everything from thick thighs to puffy calves. Getting your heart pumping is easy with daily trots through knee-deep Kniepp pools and guided hikes across Capri's cliffs. Additionally, the Michelin-starred chef curated a nutrition programme that reduces calories without causing hunger pains in addition to the medicated mud wraps and leg yoga. The Valmont facial is the perfect way to unwind when you're ready to put your feet up.

Verdura Resort


Courtesy of Audley Travel

Located on a sun-drenched Sicilian estate, the Forte family's place has a laidback, sporty vibe. Irene Forte, founder of Verdura's eponymous skincare line, will have her name above the spa's door come spring 2022. There is an impressive menu of treatments that combine hands-on healing with the latest technology. Using stones from the volcano, the Etna Age Defying Facial combines knuckling massage and lymphatic drainage to lift and brighten the face. Structured wellness programmes offer personal trainers, nutritionists, and osteopaths for those looking to go deep. In addition to tennis, hiking, and kite surfing, there are Thalasso pools for treating skin conditions and joint pain. As a matter of fact, NASA astronauts claim that thalassotherapy helps them regain their balance after spending time in space.

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