Introducing Opener's Blackfly by Rich Report

Introducing Opener's Blackfly by Rich Report
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The company says that in the U.S., the single-seat "personal aerial vehicle" is categorized as an ultralight, for which no pilot license is required. Transport Canada has designated the aircraft as a basic ultralight, for which an ultralight pilot license is required. With a maximum gross takeoff weight of 313 pounds, BlackFly exceeds the weight limit for an ultralight in the U.S. Opener says that it has been categorized as an "amphibious ultralight" for which the weight limit is higher.

Opener says it will be ready to take orders for the BlackFly during 2019, but, as of July 2019, no further details had been provided.

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In March 2020, while few details have been released since 2019, the company stated in a Twitter post that it has been busy refining manufacturing processes and vehicle design to be more robust and efficient for future demand. No timeline has been released, and as of early 2021, no new details have surfaced.

On July 20, Opener broke its wall of silence to announce its intention to give the BlackFly prototype a public debut at the Experimental Aircraft Association's AirVenture show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on July 27. Following a successful flight demonstration at the airshow, the company said it plans to begin selling its BlackFly single-seat eVTOL this fall. The all-electric aircraft will initially be offered under FAA's Part 103 rules for ultralight aircraft, with no pilot’s license required, only operating when visual flight rule (VFR) conditions prevail. Pilots can weigh no more than 200 pounds, being no taller than 6'6" in order to fit inside the cockpit.

According to Opener, the BlackFly will have a range of 30 miles on a full charge, as well as a service ceiling of 1,200 feet, and a top speed of 62 mph. Using a 240-volt quick charger, the aircraft can be recharged in 20 to 30 minutes. With a 120-volt connection, a charge would take considerably longer.

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