In NYC's Columbus Circle, Bad Roman is Luxurious Restaurant You Should Try, According to Rich Report

In NYC's Columbus Circle, Bad Roman is Luxurious Restaurant You Should Try, According to Rich Report
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It offers caviar gnocchi and tiramisu ice cream cake at its Columbus Circle location.

The city is home to hundreds of Italian restaurants, if not thousands of them, but the new Bad Roman wishes to go beyond the usual red-sauce fare that can be found in New York.

With whimsical dishes inspired by Italian cooking, whether it's from the countryside or from New York's Little Italy, Quality Branded's Columbus Circle restaurant from the same team that brought you Don Angie, Zou Zou's, Quality Bistro and more, this restaurant has something magical going on. In addition to all the dishes you've grown to love and enjoy, we've added a bit of playfulness that elevates everything to the next level.

The raw bar here serves oysters paired with cherry pepper mignonette as well as hamachi crudo accompanied by Sicilian pistachios in addition to the roasted garlic babka instead of garlic bread. There are also a few small plates to choose from, such as the namesake wedges, which come with black olives and soppressata, as well as the capellini clams casino and sausage and pepper garlic toast.

Courtesy of Eater NY

You can choose from a number of house-made pasta options at Bad Roman, including an elegant Osetra caviar gnocchi topped with crème fraiche and chives, as well as a whole roasted lobster and a Calabrian campanelle for two. There are a wide variety of land and sea mains at the restaurant, including fillets topped with cacio e pepe raviolo and spicy crab cannelloni, as well as scallop piccata, among other options. To complete things, the restaurant has devised tiramisu ice cream cake and sticky toffee panettone for dessert.

Cocktails are the focus of the beverage menu, specifically those made with Italian spirits and ingredients. In the summer’s sbagliato trend, rum, Pinoli Orgeat and lime are mixed in a vodka Martini instead of traditional olive brine. After dinner, rum, Pinoli Orgeat and lime are featured in the Vesuvius Bowl (set on fire at your table). Those who prefer coffee, however, might consider the Reverse Affogato with vanilla milk-washed vodka, espresso shaved ice, and vanilla milk-washed vodka.

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With Bad Roman's third-story perch, you will be able to enjoy a meal and drink overlooking Central Park. But the interior design is equally captivating as the outdoor design. Throughout the restaurant, there are details such as trompe l'oeil mosaics, which add a touch of warmth to the space as well as contrast with the greenery scattered throughout it.

It is sometimes a pleasure to be bad, and a pleasure to eat it as well.

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