High-Tech 275-Foot Trimaran Concept: The 'Star Trek' Enterprise of the Seas

High-Tech 275-Foot Trimaran Concept: The 'Star Trek' Enterprise of the Seas
Courtesy of M51 Concepts

It was unwittingly the fictitious starship which became the inspiration of designer Anthony Glasson's work.

In his latest trimaran concept, Anthony Glasson is going where no man has ever been before. It has just been revealed that the disruptive designer, who heads up M51 Concepts, has just unveiled a new 275-footer that takes design cues from the fictional Star Trek starship.

As the designer explained, it was not until Enterprise was completed that he could clearly see the muse in his work.

“The exterior styling inspiration was only realized once finished: I had been watching the first season of Star Trek and unconsciously designed a yacht that resembles the original Enterprise,” Glasson explained.

Courtesy of M51 Concepts

There was actually an entirely different reason behind the choice of the hull design: functionality. As the designer wanted to incorporate a "courtyard" into the design, it was necessary for the hull to have the characteristic wide beams of a trimaran. 

A unique space on the sundeck is enclosed by an open roof, allowing the sunlight to penetrate and provide some protection from the elements, according to Rich Report. The forward part of the ship features a hot tub, a bar, and comfortable sofas, while the aft part has a gym and a day lounge. 

A central circular elevator provides service to all the floors of the building, including the courtyard.

There is also a bridge deck dedicated to the crew, as well as an owner's office and a day lounge on the top floor of the ship as you progress up the ladder.

It is also possible to find a swimming pool on the upper deck, a hot tub, and other spacious living quarters, as well as a beach club on the main deck. As you progress up the ladder, you will be able to see there is a bridge deck dedicated to the crew.

Courtesy of M51 Concepts

In addition to the full-beam owner's suite, Enterprise is equipped with seven flexible guest cabins so that 12 guests can be accommodated comfortably and spaciously. There is also a lot of space available outside, with the boat boasting a spacious forward deck that is equipped with a lounge, dining area alfresco, and another hot tub in addition to all of the above. 

Although Enterprise is not quite a full explorer—Glasson calls it an adventure yacht—it does share some of the same qualities as a full explorer. 

The cruiser has a long range of 5,000 nautical miles and is powered by a hybrid propulsion system, offering a large tender garage that sits under the helipad, giving a lot of space for toys. Moreover, Enterprise comes with a large tender garage that sits aft under the helipad and offers a lot of room for toys.

Glasson claims that the all-aluminum multihull has quite a few advantages over monohulls of a similar length and volume. It has been estimated that you can save about 30 percent on fuel use while on the high seas when compared to monohulls of the same size. Captain Kirk would be very impressed.

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