Harrods' Exclusive Restaurant To Be Opened By Masayoshi Takayama

Harrods' Exclusive Restaurant To Be Opened By Masayoshi Takayama
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Masa, a three-Michelin-star restaurant in Manhattan, is helmed by the renowned Japanese chef.

It is important to note that Harrods has a wide array of gourmet eateries which include Tom Kerridge, Gordon Ramsay, and, most recently, Björn Frantzén, who have all contributed to the restaurant's success. For its latest venture, the iconic department store has partnered with renowned Japanese chef Masayoshi 'Masa' Takayama to open a new restaurant that is only available to visitors at Harrods.

There is little need to introduce Takayama, but let me tell you a little bit about him. As a boy, Takayama worked at his family's fish market in Tochigi, Japan, delivering fresh sashimi to his neighbors. He attended the well-respected Ginza Sushi-ko in Tokyo before setting up a casual eatery in Los Angeles – Saba-ya.

Then he opened Ginza Sushi-ko, named after the mentor he had in Japan, which was more of an upmarket establishment. In this restaurant, Takayama served an authentic omakase menu, and he flew in fresh fish from the Tsukiji fish market in Japan each day. As a result, he gained a loyal following of foodies and celebrities, including Marlon Brando.

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Takayama really broke into the Japanese food scene in the year 2009 when he moved to New York and opened the eponymous Masa restaurant in the city. By then, he had earned a Michelin star and been one of the best sushi restaurants in the city. Next door, he opened Bar Masa, a restaurant that served a more casual menu a la carte.

For the time being, Takayama hasn't shared much information about his new partnership with Harrods, but if his Manhattan eatery is any indication, Takayama's new offering at Harrods will be one of the most opulent dining places in London.

As a guest, you can enjoy an omakase (meaning "I'll leave the choices up to the chef") experience at Masa which will cost you an eye-watering $750 per person before you even order a drink. Guests can also watch their meal being prepared by the sushi chefs at the Hinoki Counter for an extra $200.

Harrods, the iconic luxury department store in London, has announced the opening of an exclusive new restaurant created by world-renowned chef Masayoshi Takayama. The restaurant will showcase Takayama's signature style of combining traditional Japanese techniques with Western ingredients, resulting in innovative and exquisite dishes.

The new restaurant is set to open in the fall and will be located on the second floor of Harrods' luxury fashion and lifestyle destination, The Fashion Lab. The space will feature a contemporary design with an open kitchen and a sushi bar, allowing guests to watch the chefs in action as they create their masterpieces.

Takayama, who is known for his celebrated restaurants in New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, is excited about bringing his culinary expertise to London. He said, "London is one of the world's most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities, and I am honored to be opening a restaurant at such an iconic location as Harrods."

The restaurant will offer a variety of dining options, including a tasting menu, omakase experience, and à la carte dishes. The menu will focus on the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, with a particular emphasis on seafood. Guests can expect to indulge in dishes such as uni risotto, wagyu beef, and sushi made from the freshest fish sourced from around the world.

Overall, Harrods' exclusive restaurant by Masayoshi Takayama promises to be a dining experience like no other. With its innovative menu, stunning design, and prime location, it is sure to become one of London's hottest dining destinations.

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