Gift Guide for Mother's Day 2023: Luxurious Gifts for Mom

Gift Guide for Mother's Day 2023: Luxurious Gifts for Mom
Courtesy of Rachel Boston

We have curated the best gift selection to show mom how much you care for her, from precious jewels to quality time.

As soon as the 19th of March arrives in the UK (the 14th of May for US moms), the age-old dilemma of what gift to give mom gets even more difficult, since the mom who has everything is not short of options when it comes to gifts.

No matter whether you are looking to buy a gift for a mother-to-be, grandma, spouse or just a treat for yourself, every item on this list has been carefully chosen as the best way to show someone how much you care about them.

We have tried to cover all the bases in our Mother's Day gift guide, from this year's hottest bags to life-changing skincare and everything in between.

Rachel Boston, Bourgeois Necklace

Rachel Boston's simple yet artistic designs make a failsafe option for choosing a Mother's Day gift. Choosing the right jewels for Mother's Day can be challenging, but it's impossible with her simple yet artistic designs. The Bourgeois Necklace features a 0.82 carat emerald-cut green sapphire suspended in a 9k gold disc, and it is our top pick. This piece has been designed and crafted in Rachel Boston's UK studio with only ethically sourced stones and recycled precious metals.

Loewe, Basket Bag

It is a fact that Loewe basket bags have become one of the staples in every wardrobe, and this spring, the iconic Spanish label returns with a fresh colorway. This handwoven bag features a delicate blue calfskin leather top strap and an embossed anagram patch that add a touch of elegance to the bag. The shape is ideal for both the beach and the city, and each one is handmade, so they are each unique as well.

Saint Laurent, Clutch Bag

Courtesy of StockX

You have to check out the Saint Laurent Tuxedo Box Bag if your mom is a bit more of the glamorous type. It is made from hard plexiglass with a glossy finish that is sure to catch the eye (our favorite is the black color, but we also love the marble-effect beige and gold color). This bag is crafted out of hard plexiglass with a glossy finish. A combination of YSL's iconic logo and gold shoulder chain adds a touch of practicality to the bag's luxe appearance, while the leather lining and clasp closure add a touch of practicality.

Ethical Kind, Silk Pajamas

In addition to being deliciously soft, silk pajamas are one of the most indulgent gifts you can ever give your mother. Add to that a host of impressive eco-credentials, and you've got the ideal Mother's Day gift. As a cruelty-free brand, Ethical Kind uses only organic peace silk, a silk that is produced by natural cocoons without sacrificing animal life. As well as being organically and sustainably farmed, organic peace silk is also free of harmful toxins and pesticides, which ensures a comfortable, restful night's sleep, which every mom deserves. Moreover, the material has natural properties that regulate the body's temperature, which ensures a restful night's sleep.

Mandkhai, Embroidered Cashmere Cardigan

Courtesy of Mandkhai

In spite of the fact that Mother's Day is well into spring, beautifully crafted knitwear is an excellent gift for any occasion, regardless of the season. The Hand Embroidered Cardigan by Mandkhai is an interesting twist on the classic cashmere knit with a vibrant bouquet of flowers stitched across its front that makes it an interesting take on the classic knit. In addition to its beautiful designs, what sets Mandkhai apart from its competitors is its commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing and manufacturing practices. From the goats that roam the Mongolian hills to the final stitching process in the brand's own factories, the entire process has been under the control of the brand at every stage.

Roberto Coin, Princess Flower Diamond Necklace

The Princess Flower Diamond necklace is no exception to this overriding ethos of Roberto Coin, which crafts timeless pieces of jewelry with a focus on Italian craftsmanship and captivating design. Based in the Italian town of Vicenza, Roberto Coin crafts timeless pieces of jewelry. A series of delicate diamond-encrusted white gold flowers are suspended on an 18-karat white gold chain and are inspired by the floral motifs found on Venice's great palaces. This piece is handmade to order, meaning it will make an extremely special Mother’s Day gift.

Lugano, Diamond Hoop Earrings

Courtesy of Lugano

An elegant piece of Lugano jewelry is just as much a statement of status as it is an accessory. With a commitment to creating exceptional items for only the most discerning of clients, a piece of Lugano jewelry is as much a statement of status as it is an accessory. The lavish diamond hoops, which feature over 28 carats of emerald cut diamonds and another nearly 8 carats of marquise cut diamonds, are our favorite from this expansive collection. They are bold and demure, and will surely win you over and over again.

Penhaligon’s, Halfeti Dry Body Oil

The Penhaligon's brand has been crafting elegant scents since 1870, and it's safe to say that they are a master at captivating the senses with their scents. One of the most recent releases by the prestigious British perfumers is the Halfeti Dry Body Oil, a body oil that encapsulates the rich and indulgent fragrance of the iconic Halfeti scent in the form of a nourishing body oil. If you're looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift, go to the whole thing and get her the eau de parfum and the new hair perfume as well.

Louis Vuitton, Jewelry Case

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

It's true that jewelry is one of the most popular gift ideas for Mother's Day, but there comes a point where mom needs something to carry her jewelry in too. For such a request, it's hard to go wrong with the Louis Vuitton travel jewelry case. In addition to the red inner lining with the iconic LV monogrammed outer lining, the case is equipped with a removable pouch and leather earring holder for added convenience. The case comes with room for earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

Dom Pérignon, 2008 Vintage Rosé

There is no such thing as Mother's Day without a glass of champagne to toast with. It is only produced in exceptional vintage years, that a Dom Pérignon Rosé is a guaranteed winner, and 2008's version is characterized by its rich fruitiness and bold spice, which is a result of an unusually late summer. Even though the Dom Pérignon vintages only get better with time, the 2008 Rosé is undoubtedly an exceptional Rosé to open and enjoy on its own.

Coravin, Sparkling Wine Preservation System

Courtesy of Coravin

With Coravin's revolutionary sparkling wine preservation tools, the Dom Perignon 2008 Rose is the perfect gift for the ultimate champagne-loving mom. In order to effectively preserve both the flavor and the fizz of sparkling wine for up to four weeks, this gadget allows you to enjoy just a glass (or two) of champagne instead of polishing off a whole bottle of champagne. It is the ideal piece of waste-preventing kit for any wine-lover who enjoys different kinds of wine, or is looking for a way to make sure that there are no bottles that will need to be saved for a special occasion.

Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, Spa Retreat Gift Certificate

Several moms would appreciate nothing more than an indulgent spa getaway after the challenges of the past few years. Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, situated in the stunning Californian countryside, has garnered its reputation as one of the best wellness retreats in the US after being incorporated into the Californian landscape for many years. Cal-a-Vie Health Spa offers a variety of all-inclusive programs focusing on both physical and mental wellbeing with the added touch of luxury. In addition to the spa treatments, educational workshops, nutritious meals and unlimited fitness classes during the program, gift certificates are available for three-, four- or seven-night programs.

Baccarat, Champagne Flutes

The perfect gift for your mother would be a bottle of prestigious champagne served in glasses that are just as stunning. Our favorites come from Baccarat, a French luxury crystal brand that has been making beautiful barware, chandeliers, and ornaments for over 250 years now. An elegant geometric stem with three stacked diabolo shapes create a modern yet timeless style that would be a perfect addition to any crystal collection, the Baccarat Véga champagne flute is the perfect addition to any collection.

Chanel, Boy.Friend Watch

Courtesy of Chanel

A longtime fan favorite of Chanel's iconic Boy.Friend watch, the luxury French fashion house has just released a new version featuring a quilted leather strap, as well as its signature 18K 'beige gold,' which is a shade that falls somewhere between the classic yellow gold and rose gold tones. The Boy.Friend collection, a wearable piece of luxury that exudes Chanel's unmistakable class, combines femininity with a masculine edge to create an outstanding luxury Mother's Day gift that is both meaningful and memorable.

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