Get a spritz of G&T with Seamist, the spray-on cocktail garnish

Get a spritz of G&T with Seamist, the spray-on cocktail garnish
Courtesy of Salcombe Distilling Co.‍

You can imagine it as a clifftop seaside walk in a bottle in the early morning.

As Angus Lugsdin walked his dog Tilly along the country coast of Devon, in the southwest of England, he inhaled deeply the salty, fresh air. The idea for the book was born.

Developing a new way to garnish gin drinks has always been Lugsdin's goal since he co-founded Salcombe Gin in 2003. A year and a half of experimentation later, he has released Seamist, an atomizer that offers an entirely new way to garnish any gin drink.

Using high-strength gin as a base, the Salcombe team adds sea salt from Cornwall nearby, which makes the 60 percent ABV spritzer like a clifftop seaside walk in a bottle. It was the hardest to figure out the Goldilocks level of salt for the team, Lugsdin explains. The bracing snap was lacking if too little was used; too much crystallized, clogging the atomizer. A strength twice as strong as seawater was eventually chosen.

Courtesy of Salcombe Distilling Co.

Each version includes a different recipe of botanicals added to the salty gin base. A lime, coconut, and orris root version complements London dry gins, such as Salcombe's Start Point, whereas an orange and rockrose version complements pink gins, such as Salcombe's Rosé Sainte Marie. Through the process, Lugsdin notes, it can be difficult to preserve fresh saltiness.

A freshly made gin and tonic is the best place to apply either Seamist.

"It works best as an olive substitute in a gin martini," he says, adding that the first sip you take as you bring the glass up to your nose has a blast of sea air. It can also be used as a subtler alternative to salt-rimming on margaritas, as a way of coating them with an invisible, delicious layer that is just as delicious.


As regards the flavor, it's not just the flavor that makes this show appealing, but it's also the theater experience. It guarantees endless moments of when Harry met Sally, according to Lugsdin.

Are you tired of traditional cocktail garnishes that always seem to be a little lackluster? Maybe you’re sick of trying to find the perfect fruit or herb to add to your gin and tonic only to have it turn into a soggy mess before you’ve even taken your first sip. If so, you need to try Seamist’s spray-on cocktail garnish.

Seamist’s spray-on gin and tonic garnish is a game changer. Simply spritz a little on top of your drink and you’ll be greeted with the perfect combination of botanicals and citrus. No more spending hours searching for the perfect garnish, Seamist’s spray-on cocktail garnish gives you the perfect taste every time.

Not only is Seamist’s spray-on cocktail garnish a delicious addition to your drinks, it’s also incredibly easy to use. No more muddling herbs or slicing fruit, simply spray a little on top and you’re good to go. The spray bottle is small and portable, making it the perfect addition to your at-home bar or for taking to a friend’s house.

One of the best things about Seamist’s spray-on gin and tonic garnish is that it’s incredibly versatile. You can use it on any drink that you want to give a little extra flavor to. Try it on a margarita, a vodka soda, or even a glass of sparkling water. The possibilities are endless!

In conclusion, if you’re looking to up your cocktail game, you need to try Seamist’s spray-on gin and tonic garnish. It’s the perfect combination of convenience and flavor that will take your drinks to the next level. Say goodbye to boring cocktails and hello to a spritz of G&T with Seamist.

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