For the Coronation, Queen Camilla is resetting Queen Mary's crown with $50 million worth of diamonds

For the Coronation, Queen Camilla is resetting Queen Mary's crown with $50 million worth of diamonds
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Queen Elizabeth's favorite stones have been added to the crown of a royal descendant of King Charles' great-grandmother, which once belonged to Queen Elizabeth's great-grandmother. 

It is less than two months to King Charles III's coronation, and the royal family is officially in full preparation mode for what is sure to be a grand event. And speaking of grand events, Buckingham Palace on Tuesday revealed one magnificent piece of royal headwear that will be part of this occasion.

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There is no doubt that the Queen Camilla will wear a crown which was designed first for Queen Mary in 1911. This crown has been reset with diamonds from Queen Elizabeth II's personal jewelry collection, including the famous Cullinan III, IV and V diamonds.

According to Rich Report, this will be the first time in recent history for the coronation of a consort to use an existing crown rather than commission a new one, and Camilla and Charles made this decision “to ensure sustainability and efficiency.” A nod to Queen Elizabeth and a reflection of the consort's individuality are both reflected in the diamonds that will be added to the crown.

The Cullinan diamonds may be familiar to royal admirers due to Queen Elizabeth's fondness for wearing them as a brooch (shown below), a piece worth $50 million that she inherited from her grandmother Queen Mary and nicknamed "Granny's Chips" as the name of this piece of jewelry.

In 1907, when the Cullinan III diamond was discovered in a South African mine, it was the largest rough diamond ever found, weighing in at 3,106 carats, which was carved from the original Cullinan diamond, now referred to as the Cullinan III, IV and V diamonds. There were nine large gems and 96 smaller gems cut from the same diamond, and each of them was set in the scepter of King Edward VII as well as in the Imperial Crown of the Emperor. 

According to the Royal Collection Trust, Camilla's coronation crown will consist of three stones, the Cullinan III, Cullinan IV, and Cullinan V. These stones weigh respectively 94.4 carats, 63.6 carats, and 18.8 carats.

The Cullinan III and IV Brooch. Courtesy of Getty Images 

As a consequence of Queen Elizabeth's death, the Cullinan diamond became a matter of controversy after she passed away, when South African activists demanded that the 530-carat diamond known as the Great Star of Africa, which is a 530-carat diamond, be returned to South Africa and displayed in its own museum. In the aftermath of the death of the monarch, there had been over 6,000 signatures on a petition, but no response had been issued by the royal family.

The King’s Royal Scepter, featuring Cullinan I. Courtesy of Pinterest 

Camilla's coronation crown may not be able to avoid controversy if the sustainable aspect of it isn't enough to shield it from criticism like the lesser Cullinan diamonds that receive the same level of outrage-but if that is the case, then it may not be able to prevent controversy.

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