First World Debut for the Pardo GT52

First World Debut for the Pardo GT52
Courtesy Pardo Yachts‍

In April, all of Pardo Yachts' models, including the Pardo 38, Pardo 43, Pardo 50, Pardo GT52, and Endurance 60, were on display at Saint-Tropez.

Designed for owners seeking more volume without sacrificing performance, Pardo's GT line sits between its Walkaround and Endurance lines.

Courtesy by Pardo Yachts

GT52's rear doors can be opened completely (similar to the Endurance 60); the swim platform is larger, making it possible to store a tender or personal watercraft; and the roof can be semi-opened. There are more dining and sunbathing areas in the cockpit, and there is more flexibility below deck.

As for the pardo GT52, it can be ordered to have the galley up or down. If the galley is up, the salon space belowdecks is occupied by a bar, but if it's down, the main deck is occupied by a dinette lounge.

Pardo GT52 World Première in Saint-Tropez - Yachts Croatia
Courtesy by Yachts Croatia

Its hull is based on the Pardo 50, with the same standard Volvo Penta IPS 650 horsepower engines, as well as the option of 700 or 800 horsepower engines.

The Pardo GT52 has a beam of more than 16 feet, a fuel capacity of 528 gallons, and a water capacity of 158 gallons.

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