European Cities With The Friendliest People

European Cities With The Friendliest People
San Sebastián, Spain. Courtesy of The Telegraph

A city's history, architecture, arts scene, as well as contemporary aspects such as its gastronomy, are all factors to consider when judging it. Even so, European cities have some of the friendliest residents anywhere in the world, and people are what elevate a place. 

Among Europe's friendliest cities, Rich Report lists these.

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

In favour of Split, Dubrovnik often gets overshadowed by its glamorous sister, situated on the southern coast of Croatia. Nevertheless, the city, with its old town surrounded by 16th-century stone walls, is worth a visit on its own. A glistening azure sea backdrop, pedestrianised shopping streets, and Baroque architecture (notably St. Blaise Church) contribute to the municipality's ethereal atmosphere.

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Athens, Greece

Athens is a city that has woven modern life around its 5th-century landmarks that once dominated Ancient Greece. You can't help but be enchanted by the magnificent Acropolis (an ancient citadel built on a rugged node above the city), and the neoclassical buildings on Panepistimiou Street are among the most charming in Europe. With our guides to the best hotels in Athens and the best restaurants in Athens, you'll be inspired to plan a trip.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands 

The cobbled streets and narrow heritage townhouses of Amsterdam (just under four hours by Eurostar from London's St Pancras) are entangled with tree-lined canals. It was once called the 'stag do capital of the world,' but thanks to its art galleries, independent boutiques, and design-savvy hotels, it has managed to shed its seedier reputation and attract culture-lovers, history-buffs, and foodies alike.

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Stockholm, Sweden

Whether it is the achingly cool island neighbourhood of Södermalm, the buzzing bars of Ostermalm, or the quaint cobbled streets of Gamla Stan, Stockholm resists all attempts to imitate its laid-back and amiable attitude. Located across 14 islets, the fruits of life on the water are available to all.

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Lisbon, Portugal

The city of Lisbon is fast becoming a favorite weekend getaway destination, combining historic cobbled streets, Neoclassical and Art Deco architecture that has survived destruction for centuries, as well as more contemporary attractions, such as some of the best restaurants in Lisbon and high-end fashion boutiques where some of Europe's hottest chefs cook. 

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Oslo, Norway

With its Scandi-cool personality poking above the parapet, Oslo has emerged from the shadows of Stockholm and Copenhagen thanks - according to our readers - to its residents' notable welcome. As a result, it is emerging as a discerning destination for those who enjoy design, authentic food markets, and, more recently, floating saunas.

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Dublin, Ireland

A city at ease with revelry, Dublin is an unsurprising inclusion on our readers' list of the friendliest cities in Europe. With curbside fiddle playing and a vibrant nightlife that erupts into the early hours of the morning, Ireland's capital seamlessly combines a zest for life with nods to its radical past with landmarks, museums, and the stories of strangers-turned-friends.

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Porto, Portugal

Its cobblestone streets and rainbow tapestry of architecture have drawn an increasing number of tourists, who love its sunny weather, old-fashioned charm, rich mix of architecture, welcoming people, and vibrant nightlife. The Porto hotel scene has responded with quirky boutique hotels and recognisable luxury names, some dotted along the Douro river, others nestled in the surrounding hills.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, the epicenter of Scandi-cool, boasts cobbled, colour-lined streets, where eateries spill out onto the pavement, just out of the way of cyclists, a breakthrough food scene - not just a hot dog on the pavement, but an international, experimental gastronomy offering - and bench-dotted waterways, just 90 minutes from the UK.

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Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland's capital and largest city, Reykjavik, is on the coast. Visitors flock here to soak in the blue, bubbling natural pools, including the geothermal Blue Lagoon Spa, well-known for its volcanic activity. There are dozens of museums dedicated to the island's fascinating Viking history, as well as a creative (and sometimes unusual) food scene and a variety of quirky Iceland hotels on offer to visitors.

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Bruges, Belgium

The medieval city of Bruges will not disappoint those looking for a fairytale Belgian scene - think weaving canals, gingerbread houses, and lively bars serving beer. Its large port, cobbled streets with chocolate shops, and chocolate box shops adorn the streets of West Flanders, the capital of West Flanders.

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San Sebastián, Spain

Foodies will already know San Sebastián's charm as the home of the pintxo (Basque for 'spike' and an appetiser similar to tapas, often enjoyed between three or four pintxo bars). In spite of its impeccable tastebuds, however, its people are officially rated as the friendliest in Europe by our readers. 

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